Friday, November 26, 2010

New adventures in wi-fi

There have been plenty of these lately. The biggest adventure for me this year has been uprooting from here...



That's right. From Sydney in Australia, to Los Angeles - otherwise known as La La Land - in the US.

When this most recent adventure of mine began earlier in the year, the luggage also included my husband, J, and our two daughters. Our eldest - who I'll refer to as the Faery - was three and a half, and our youngest - Miss Pie - was barely 10 weeks old. Crazy times, indeed. The reason? J had been offered a job that sounded too good to pass up. We felt it was time for a change, and time for a big new adventure. Pre-kids, we'd travelled, lived and worked overseas too - why not amp things up a bit?

Before the Big Move, I told myself I'd start a blog once we'd settled. Eight months on, and I realised I still hadn't done so, and here I am. Being a novice to blogging, this will be another new adventure for me, so feel free to join the ride as I babble and draw unfair - possibly biased - comparisons between life here in La La Land and the land Down Under, along with clichéd stories veering from the kids being wildly cute to them driving me crazy, and any other musings or mini-adventures that spring to mind.


  1. Awesome Mad!! Cannot wait to read about all your adventures and life in la la land! And I cannot believe it has been 8 months already!?

  2. Looking forward to vicariousness in the extreme!

  3. Yep, 8 months already... it's flown!