Who am I?

Hi, I'm Madeleine.

Otherwise known as Mad, or Mads... but never Maddy. I'm all for shortening my mouthful of a name, but let's do it properly and keep it to just one syllable, okay?

I'm Australian and have been living the US since March 2010. After spending more than three years in Los Angeles, I now live in Seattle. Other cities that I've called home along the way are Sydney, Melbourne, London and Brighton - in other words, I'm an old hand at this expat business. I've been lucky enough to visit many other countries too.

Think of this blog as (mostly) ramblings about expat life in the USA. 

A writer I ain't, but I have fun with this. Likewise with photography. Total amateur here, but between my DSLR and iPhone, I'd be lost without them. Taking photos can soothe this savage beast on a bad day.

Two little characters who have starring roles on this site are my daughters, the Faery (b. 2006) and Miss Pie (b. 2010). Maybe one day, I'll stop with the pseudonyms but for now, they're a snug fit. Not sure what the girls will make of this as they get older, but hopefully they'll appreciate this record of our American adventures.

My first post (here) explains the start of these adventures... and there are plenty more to come.