Sunday, January 30, 2011

The princess and the cat collar

This is what a small child is capable of doing with a figurine, a jewellery box, and one cat collar:

I was assured by the Faery that no princesses were harmed during the making of this... well, I'm still not sure what it is.

Despair over losing her glass slipper?


Kinky activities gone astray?

I was also cheerily informed, following my concerned enquiries, that Cinderella was most indeed happy to be dangling as she was.

What I would give to understand what goes through a four-year-old's mind...


  1. I'm cracking up because my twin girls are 5 and this looks eerily similar to things they've done with a jump rope.

    Poor princesses.
    thanks for coming by my blog from Pretty All True!

  2. You know what? I'm exhaling sighs of relief right now that other little girls do this kind of thing. If I leave a belt lying around, guaranteed it ends up tightly buckled around the neck of one the larger stuffed animals. The intention is a dog leash, but it looks so wrong.

    Thank you!

  3. Well yeah, it's hard not to look at something like this and think you might be raising a future serial killer.

    When I caught LD, aged 12 months, stacking my nail-polishes carefully one on top of the other, I felt that it could not be a sign of anything good.

    As it turns out, he might turn out to be a cross-dressing florist but we're in the clear for sociopath. Excellent.

  4. Stacking nail polishes on top of one another? I'm impressed with LD's early displays of excellent dexterity. Perhaps he'll have a career in model-building... but I like the sound of a cross-dressing florist.

  5. I have an interest in Houdini as you may or may not know. It was immediately obvious to me that the princess is an escapologist.

    It's a trunk escape and bridge jump gone horribly wrong.

  6. Brilliant! Cinderella still looks a little too happy for my liking, though...

  7. Slightly cross eyed though which might just be the leash. Still, she wears it well.