Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm not that great at hair styling, hair care, or even going often enough to the hairdresser. Actually, that's an understatement. I suck. No excuses - I'm just lazy and always seem to need the money for more important things. Trouble is, I have the sort of hair (mousy blonde, thick but flyaway) that requires effort if it's to look half decent - that's why I usually have it pulled back, especially when it's long overdue for a cut.

Happily, I've found a hairdresser I like. I've just been to see her, for the third time in about eighteen months. That's, like, some kind of record for me. It must be serious.

Anyhow, I can now cross 'For the love of god get a haircut' off my list of 'Shit that needs doing' before we head to Australia.

I love what she did - she popped some product on when it was still damp, then just twirled chunky strands around her finger. It looked easy enough - something that even I could manage now and then.

Fingers crossed I can recreate this...

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