Monday, August 19, 2013

Last of L.A. (Part 2)

(Continued from last week)

Below is from our final week in Los Angeles.

Enjoying the green of a park with some friends, not realising just how much
 greenery and wild flowers we'd be surrounded by in Seattle.

Last chance for my beloved guava cream cheese pastries (far left,
centre shelf) and potato balls from Porto's.

Dinner with girlfriends in Hollywood.

Last chance for our favourite ice cream.

Last Saturday evening in L.A.
Farewell hangout with friends in the beer garden of this
local brewery, full moon rising.

Waiting for the moving company's packers to show up.

First of two nights in a hotel down the road.

Last playdate in our local park.
Tired + refused ice cream = meltdown

Apartment finally empty + stinking hot day = swim at hotel

With the kids in bed, J sent me upstairs for a cocktail.
The bar was on the 19th floor, and had this view of our neighbourhood.

There was also a view of downtown L.A.

Last sunset in L.A.

At Burbank Airport, en route to Seattle.


  1. Beautiful summery shots - the wildflowers are lovely! I remember seeing a lot of wildflowers from the train when I travelled through California years ago. It just blew me away.

    I'm actually getting a lump in my throat looking at the pics myself. I can imagine why you miss the place and the friends you made there.

    Love that last pic of you and the girls. It is stunning and so are you!

    1. Aw... you are a sweetheart, Mel. Thank you. I was feeling pretty tired in that photo, I can tell you!

      My favourite photo is the 19th level shot of our old neighbourhood. I know every little street, building, incline and garden like the back of my hand. I wonder how long it will take to reach that same kind of intimate familiarity with the area we now live in?