Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn falling and catch up

This week marks the official start of autumn here. It's crept up, but there's no denying it. Going barefoot at home in the evenings is no longer an option (I really should replace my uggs that fell apart years ago, but were never replaced, nor needed in L.A.) and the setting sunlight has stopped infiltrating my showers through the bathroom window at face level. Instead, it's been replaced by steam as I crank up the hot water.

I've started eyeing off the gas fireplace, wondering when it will be time to figure the damn thing out and and start using it. Back in my London days, I used to have similar internal dialogues - when is too soon to pop on the central heating? To bring out the scarves? The gloves? The heavier coat? I used to battle through October, too stubborn to concede to the increasing chill, because for some stupid reason I drew a red line under November as being the appropriate time to give in. If I gave in to extra layers and heating sooner, what I would I do when things really got cold?

I wonder if my ego will be as stubborn for this coming Washington winter. I just want to be warm.

The colder change in seasons might be is a depressing bitch, however there are a few things I'm enjoying right now.

New boots

A few weeks ago, I ordered some new rain boots online for myself and the girls. They had grown out of their boots from last winter, and as for me? I don't think I've owned a pair of rain boots since I was a preschooler. I certainly have no memory of ever wearing them, but if ever an occasion calls for it, it's going to be my first autumn and winter in the Pacific Northwest.

I found reasonably priced boots for the girls, but due to my own size 12 (US) feet the same could not be said for me. Cheap rain boots in my size? Nope, I searched but could only find fairly hideous and unflattering styles. I'm vainer than I usually let on, so I'm now the proud new owner of Hunter boots. I'll confess to eyeing them off for a couple of years now. In L.A, they seemed like a frivolous purchase which would only be truly needed from time to time, so I could never justify the cost. I know it'll be a different story here in Seattle and two days ago, I finally got to break them in. I felt pretty stylin', which is a rare feeling for me.


Cooler temperatures equals an increase in appetite, right? I'm digging the pears that are in season, but sadly they are the healthiest of my cravings and vices right now. There is a Metropolitan Market (kind of like Whole Foods) right near the Faery's new school, and parking there is certainly easier than attempting the nightmare that is anywhere closer to her school... so guess where I park most afternoons for the school run? It's especially convenient for grabbing bread and milk as needed, but also means the temptation for cheeses in all shapes and form (which they are currently spruiking all month long) is right there in my face. I can't resist.

I've also rediscovered the bliss of a baked potato that's been smothered in sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. It's totally the sort of thing I lived off as a poor uni student, and I've only recently found what an easy, filling lunch it is. The bad news is I no longer have access to a gym like I did in Los Angeles, nor have I found a (convenient) yoga class to join. We are heading back to Australia next month for my sister-in-law's wedding, and it's not looking good for my arse.


Of course, I have to mention the autumn leaves. Seattle has an amazing amount of evergreens, and that knowledge makes me feel a little happier about a winter that's not full of depressingly bare trees (I'm looking at you, London)... but for all the firs, spruces, cedars and pines - of which I mostly cannot tell the difference - there are still a lot of maples beginning to blush red, and each night of rain and heavy winds has resulted in beautiful swirly colours on the streets. I have a feeling there's a lot more to come, so I'll have a good excuse to get out my DSLR again. Definitely prettier than L.A. at this time of year.

Crime TV

With the darker evenings, I've become a little hooked on a couple of crime shows. This is a little odd because I've never really been into them before, but J and I stumbled across a remake of a Danish show called The Killing. I suppose the factor that pulled me in initially was that it's set in Seattle. Like many shows, it's not actually filmed here but a few hours away in Vancouver. Nonetheless, it has the Pacific Northwest vibe down pat. The story takes place in October and November, so all the outdoor scenes are chilly and wet. It's gloomy, grey, and the actors get around rain jackets, thick woolly jumpers (pullovers, sweaters, whatever) and heavy coats. It's dark and atmospheric, with a pretty cool female lead detective character - no makeup, hair pulled back, no nonsense. Watching it makes me want to curl up even more, with an endless supply of hot chocolate (or red wine).

Courtesy of BBC America, I've also been drawn into a smaller British whodunnit drama, Broadchurch, and caught up on Luther (which I highly recommend). I'm not even sure why these shows are appealing to me right now, but for now they are scratching the right spot. Next on my list of shows to catch up on is Homeland. Breaking Bad's finale is this Sunday, and I can't even go there - I've invested so much into that series and its characters that I have no idea how I'm going to deal with the inevitable conclusion. It's been a ripper of a ride.


We're not the only ones in this house feeling the cooler air. After a humid summer, especially with our bedrooms upstairs, Emily The Cat has decided that our bed is once again the place to be overnight. In typical aloof cat style, over the summer she'd deigned our laps too hot for her in the evenings when we were watching TV, but suddenly our laps are back in hot demand. Emily-laptime and crime TV have been going hand-in-hand recently. Don't tell her, but I'm kind of enjoying her furry hotwater-bottleness again.

I haven't linked any of my posts in a long time, so when - after having half-written this post already - I noticed that the first of this week's writing prompts on Mama Kat's Losin' It was to "share something fall related that you did", it seemed the perfect time to join in.

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  1. Oh, those leaves are divine! Having experienced the world through your lense for the last few years, I must admit I notice these things way more than I did before. I like it, appreciating the simple beauty of things.

    The gumboots. Well, you know who wears Hunter boots, right? My favourite blogging hipster. And now you. Swoon!

    We haven't started watching Breaking Bad yet. Or Game of Thrones. Or Mad Men. Seriously. So. much. catching. up.


    1. Oh you make me giggle. I know who you refer to... but I draw the line at adult-sized, overpriced moccasins, dammit. You will not catch me in those!

      You must watch Breaking Bad. You must. And Mad Men, I insist. Game of Thrones is compelling enough, but I think you'll dig the other two shows a thousand times more.

      Now go and enjoy spring for me, okay? I want to see photos, and that's an order. xx

    2. I plan to enjoy the shit out of it. SUNSHINE!

      Adult moccasins. Sigh. I am wondering if it's worth ponying up for a pair for Harlow though. Birdie lives in hers....but that's probably because her mama gets 'em for free. Sigh.

  2. Those red leaves ... gorgeous. We're in the Midwest and haven't gotten that kind of color for the past few years, for some reason.

    I start watching more television - or wanting to, at least - when the weather turns cooler. We're currently catching up on the last of Season One of Elementary before starting into the current season.

    1. This is my first autumn this far north. The last few years have been in L.A. and there are definitely no spectacularly colourful tree displays there!

      I can't decide whether to watch Elementary or not! CBS took the idea from BBC's Sherlock, which I adored... but I admit I am partial to Mr Johnny Lee Miller ;)

  3. Looks like a lovely Fall color ahead for you. Lots of rain, too! I lived in Washington, close to Seattle, for a year. It was quite gray and dreary. I looked forward to the colors of Fall just to gather a little sunshine for myself.

    1. (Fingers in ears, lalalala) I do not know what grey and dreariness you speak of!

      Actually, I know it's coming. I've been grateful for the extra lovely summer we've had here, though. Not looking forward to the next six months...

  4. Love all the rain boots! A sure sign Fall is here!

    1. Are you feeling it today? I sure am...