Thursday, October 10, 2013


After whining about the cold in my last post, we had a miraculous weekend of blue skies and warmth. I'm talking proper T-shirt weather here, and it was beautiful to see the amazing autumn colours against a cloudless sky for a change.

Naturally, with weather like this we decided we'd better spend those two days outside. I think we ended up at about three different parks alone on Saturday. It was also a great opportunity - and the last chance before our trip to Australia - to visit a pumpkin patch, and on a whim we decided to go and check out Snoqualmie for a small day trip. It was mostly an excuse for a bit of a scenic drive and historical train ride for the girls, but took a turn for excitement when we realised we'd landed in Twin Peaks country. J and I were both fans back in the day, and visiting the diner which was used for many scenes has me itching to bust out Season One on Netflix.

I'm glad I got to experience a beautiful "fall" weekend here before our trip back home. It truly is different here - Sydney and L.A. are very much a case of leaves going from green to brown, and not a whole lot else in between. The Northwest is so much more colourful; I can't even begin to imagine the show that must happen in the Northeast.

We leave tomorrow and I still have to finish packing, so this is it for word part of this post. I'll leave you with a bunch of snaps from the weekend (I cracked out the DSLR again, which felt good), and I'll check back in once our crazy trip is over.


Plus a couple more from this week:


  1. Wow. Breath-taking - the scenery and the photography. Oh man, I need to get my camera out of auto!

    Safe flight.


    1. Thanks! And don't worry - nearly half of these pics were from the auto mode (aka the iPhone) ;)

  2. Wow so so beautiful! We don't get ANY autumn here in Brisbane. Even less than Sydney probably! Loving your pics. Have a safe trip!

    1. Yep, L.A. autumns are probably not much different either! Trees mostly go from green to brown. It's nice to experience a proper American 'fall'. It's still going too...