Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The belated-everything edition

This is the murky post where I remember that - oops - November was the 3rd anniversary of this blog, and I was fully intending to write about that. A month ago.

It's also the murky post where I share pretty photos of a festive nature from the lead up to Christmas.

It's the post where I briefly mention how crazy these last few weeks have especially been - starting a new job, having my wisdom teeth extracted (timing, right?), playing host to family members that visited, and officially breaking in my new role as (co-) Girl Scouts Brownie troop leader. Who knows, I may even touch more on this another day. God only knows, I've been meaning to write about several of these things for some time now.

It's the post where I quickly rave about the wonderful little trip downtown that we made on Christmas Eve, in the hope of wearing out the girls nicely for the night. It's where I share a pic or two from Christmas Day, and wax lyrical about the beautiful outing we had the next day to Gas Works Park. Okay, 'wax lyical' might be a tad exaggerated... but you get the idea.

It's also the post where I throw in the fact that we have visits in January from more family, and close friends from L.A... and I wonder about how the hell people work, live life, entertain, host, and find the time to blog? Regularly? It may be my way of excusing the upcoming lack of posts - unless I have an insomniac episode, in which case, blogging will be perfectly easy to fit in. I'll see what I can do.

In mean time, here are some photos... see you in 2014.


  1. Swoon-worthy pics as per usual.

    But hang on, new job? Did I know this? I know I have been woefully out of touch but really? How goes it?

    1. Sorry, only just found this in the box for older comments to be moderated!

      Yes, new job. I've kept quiet about it on FB as I wanted to see how it goes for a while before committing to it. It was fine for a while, but there have been hiccups recently, with not being given enough hours (a four hour shift for a whole week? There are part-time hours, but that's just silly) so I'm looking around again. Had an interview yesterday at a MUCH better place, and I REALLY want that job now... fingers crossed. Will fill you in properly, privately, when I get a chance. xx