Monday, April 14, 2014

What cherry blossoms?

Cherry blossoms are so yesterday.

Over the weekend, I fulfilled one of my other bucket list items - to be surrounded by fields of tulips.

Along with who knows how many other thousands, we drove an hour north of Seattle to the Skagit Vally Tulip Festival. Thankfully, we arrived early enough to beat the nightmarish traffic, and any time we did spend sitting in the car en route was totally worth it. It was the warmest, most cloudless day yet this year, and by the end of our visit I had several hundred photos under my belt, one bunch of  the lovely-sounding chameur tulips, and a catalogue for tulip-bulb ordering. I may have a black thumb, dammit, but seeing how effortlessly tulips seem to flourish here in Seattle, I am determined to grow some of my own for next spring.

Funnily enough - given the T-shirt and flip-flops weather - we capped the day by stopping off at a popular outlet mall on the way home, and successfully found North Face and Columbia waterproof snow gear for both the girls at almost half their normal retail price. They won't be needing them for some time, but come next winter there'll be no more need for raincoats layered over puffy jackets - they'll finally have the proper attire for some serious snow adventures. Now just to get myself kitted out...

Disclaimer: If tulips bore you, look away now.

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  1. Wow!!! Just stunning!!! Hope some of these are going on your wall.....