Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bits and bobs

I still have some half-finished posts about summer sitting in my inbox, but I might save those for a quiet wintery day. In the mean time...

As you can see, P had to be Elsa - along with about 90% of preschool-aged girls, am I right? In fact, at one point, F also wanted to be Elsa. Things were going to get complicated, but thankfully she changed her mind when she saw this cool witch's costume. Halloween wasn't the lame effort that it was last year, but those outfits were totally store-bought. Maybe next year I'll actually make something... but don't hold your breath.

On a pretty note, we had our first frost of the season the other week, bang on schedule for November. What else? Recently I've been getting in a little more solo time on the weekends - even if it's just in small doses. The girls have Kung Fu lessons in Chinatown, which is very close to downtown Seattle. If J is able to come with us and stay with the girls, I wander and wander and wander. Sometimes I just walk to Pioneer Square, sometimes I jump on a bus through the bus transit tunnel, just a few 'stations' along, and people watch downtown or at the Pike Place Market. Even though it's getting super chilly outside on those afternoons, it's always a much-needed reboot for me.

As for now, it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and we're gearing up for a visit from our mates in Portland. By 'gearing up', I mean 'preparing to eat, eat, eat'. The forecast is for snow in a few days which would be the icing on this little holiday period, but if I learned anything about Seattle winters last year, it's that the snow may only fall for about a fraction of the actual forecasts made. Whatever happens though, I'm really looking forward to the next few days. Bring on the flow of wine!

Plus, how gorgeous are fairy lights at this time of year? Any time of year, actually, but they definitely dress up what is otherwise dreary, gloomy grey coldness. I would still prefer a lengthy, warm sunny Christmas Day, but there is something about having every tree and awning covered in twinkling lights - it just feels so 'right' for the northern hemisphere Christmases.

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