Sunday, March 6, 2011

A sweet little victory

Another trip to Whole Foods today (partly in search of some 'shut your face awesome' donuts that were recommended to me), and there was drama, drama, drama. Kids, eh? Can't let you have fun.

Within moments of entering the store, the Faery began complaining she was too cold. It was the one time I didn't have a hoodie for her in the car. She then became fixated on getting a bag of teeny-tiny organic apples that cost a bomb, and I refused. I can be mean like that. She got strawberries instead - so hard done by.

Next, the tongue on her brand new sneakers kept going skewiff on one foot, and - being a new sensation she was unfamiliar with - it was annoying her. She was unable to ignore it, and many stops were made for readjustment amongst the Sunday lunch-time rush of shoppers... yeah, I picked a good time to go.

She'd been a promised a treat from their bakery once we were finished, and she became a broken record with her pleas to hurry up and finish shopping. Despite having eaten before leaving home, she claimed to be hungry.

Cold, annoying shoe, hungry... and indecisive. When we finally made it to the bakery at the end, nothing there appealed to her. The cupcakes were sold out, as were the gingerbread men, and it was a disaster. No donuts for me, either. The waterworks were turned on (the Faery, not me). After some cajoling in which I bartered and agreed she could have something from her Halloween stash at home, there was some brief peace and quiet.

I steered the trolley towards the check out aisle, and that was when I saw them.

Hot cross buns! Oh. My. God. It had been too long. My hands could not grab the six-pack quick enough. My hands may have even been shaking.

I paid up and began to push the trolley - with shopping and Miss Pie - towards the car. Along the way, I was vaguely aware of whinging from the Faery, but by that stage I'd had enough and had tuned out. Then I realised she'd stopped, I assume, to readjust her shoe. I waited. And waited. And waited. Somehow, I managed to lose sight of her, so I called out. She had taken a different route to find me, and I could hear her little voice calling back in panic, unable to see me. When she eventually found me - a whole ten seconds later - she dissolved into even bigger tears than before.

I tried to hug her but all she wanted was to be carried, which was impossible, so she wailed all the way back to the car. Give me strength.

She continued to wail for the entire car ride home, and lost it when I put Miss Pie (instead of her) into the stroller, which was loaded up with shopping to bring up from the car park to our apartment.

I was so over it all, but focused on those hot cross buns waiting for me. My reward.

Two hours later, with one child napping, and the other's mood immensely improved by a raid on her Halloween stash, I finally opened my pack of hot cross buns.

Oh my!
This edition of food porn, was proudly brought to you by a hot cross bun.

They tasted every bit as good as I remember. Even better, they conformed to American tradition and were fairly jumbo of size. My belly felt full and happy after just one.

So, all in all, a bit of a shitty day (it's Sunday and J is working) but - hot cross buns! Hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns...  That has more than made up for any shittiness, and I know that whatever the Faery or Mis Pie have in store for me this afternoon, there are those divine sweet and spicy buns waiting for me when they go to bed.

Sharing? Why would I do a silly thing like that? They are all mine...


  1. Yes, keep them hidden! You should be fairly safe unless someone else in the family has a nose for cinnamon.

    I'm glad you have finally located some hot crossies in the land Up Over. They've been gathering dust here on the shelves since January 2 but admittedly, they haven't had much to compete with.

    We had some the other day - just waiting now for the mocha ones to come out. Oy vey!

  2. I was deluded to think I'd have them all to myself.

    The Faery saw me put them in the cart (look at me - talking 'American'!), and she seems to remember the fruity goodness from Easters past in Australia.


  3. I don't like Hot Cross Buns but that photo was sublime. Food porn indeed. Perhaps a new career as a food stylist/photographer?

    Sorry you didn't find the shut your face donuts. It was some years ago - maybe they no longer stock them.

    As to the shopping expedition with arse clowns masquerading as cute children (or is it the other way around?), BEEN THERE.

    Is it wrong that I have, once or twice, beseeched my own little whinger to "Give it a bone"?

  4. It's not wrong at all. I've been known to tell the Faery to 'build a bridge'.

    Arse clowns is a good description!

  5. Mmmmmm - hot cross goodness *drool*. So glad you finally found some!!!

  6. I really hope they have more next time I go back! Not sure what I'll do if they don't...