Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Triple sweetness

The first thing I did this morning was head for the computer to check on news of the arrival of a friend's baby. As I reached out to switch it on - poof! Lights went out. Power cut, before my hands had even touched the computer.

I didn't cause it, honest (things have a habit of blowing up or dying in the arse at my hands). Judging from the non-functioning traffic lights along the way to the Faery's preschool, the entire neighbourhood had been affected.

Crossing an eight-lane road on foot with no traffic lights working? Daunting, but I think the motorists felt sorry for me with my stroller and little ones, so they stopped.

Anyhow, the power wasn't out for long and the worldwide web brought me some happy news.

The first two bits of news involved the births of two little boys to dear friends of mine. Both were due this week, so it wasn't a complete surprise, but joyful to hear, nonetheless. I am already arranging to marry Miss Pie off to one of them when she's older. Joking. Maybe...

The third piece of happy news is that I've been featured on my lovely friend Angie's blog, The Little Mumma. This wasn't a surprise either, as she'd asked me to write a guest piece, but I wasn't sure when it was actually being 'published'... but there I am!

I don't really follow many mummy blogs as they tend to make me feel inadequate. Not gushy enough over the fruit of my loins. Not sentimental enough. Not attentive enough. Not stylish enough in the quest to dress said fruits in groovy clothing.

I love The Little Mumma because I don't feel aware of my shortcomings when I read her stories. Don't get me wrong - she's incredibly open about her loves, and has two of the spunkiest boys in town. More importantly, though, she has a great sense of humour and isn't afraid to poke fun at herself. She is a gifted writer, and is easy to relate to. I have a lot of time for her.

If you've found me randomly and don't already know The Little Mumma? Check her out! And while you're there? Read my guest piece, too.


  1. Yay for two new baby boys in the world!

    And yay for you being awesome and more people finding out about that!

    And yay for Picnik - you are loving it sick, aren't you?

    PS/ I want what the Faery's having....

    PPS/ Thanks for the shout out, lovey pants. Let's 'meet'! Don't be afraid. I'll be naked if that helps?

  2. There's a third little boy I know of due tomorrow, too. All these little boys!

    And yes, been loving Picnik fully sick, mate!

    With our meeting, you can be naked but I don't think you want me to reciprocate...

  3. Haha! Way to make me spray my OJ all over the computer!

  4. Wow, check out that icecream. That's a world of blue green goodness right there.

    Yes, another friend has had a little boy too. They're everywhere at the moment!

  5. My teeth hurt just looking at that ice cream. A little too artificial for me!