Monday, July 4, 2011

Mini attempt

A while back, I mentioned a photo editing technique that appeals to the dork in me, known as 'miniature faking'. It makes objects appear a little like miniature models. I don't have the software to do this myself on the computer, but my camera has a setting which can do it. This means I have to do it before I upload the pictures onto the computer... and usually, I don't remember to try this trick until after I've deleted the photos from my camera. Lots of missed opportunities so far.

Anyhow, being a long weekend here, we ventured out west to a friend's barbecue yesterday - about forty minutes away, on long stretches of freeway. The drive back was quite lovely, as there was beautiful golden light bouncing off the hills and mountains. Not an easy thing to capture from the front passenger seat when moving at high speed, and the resulting photos were nothing special... then I remembered the 'play' camera settings and attempted some miniature faking of my own. Although the end results aren't dramatic, I like the added whimsy it gave.


  1. Cute Mad! They turned out well....I love playing around with editing. I have just bought some new lenses etc and have just discovered I can create the same effect on my editing software! But it's nice to be able to create the image without the software too. Endless possibilities though hey!

  2. Thanks... Jen? I'm going to assume it's you. Looking forward to seeing your photography business thriving!

  3. Thanks, Kate. It's funny how similar at times the landscape can be to some parts of Australia - something about the rolling hills and dry grass.

  4. I love that! I wonder if my camera has such a setting...

    I really love your eye for things, Mad.