Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm watching

I can't remember the last time I wrote about things that I love, so prepare yourself and take note of the recommendations about to come your way.

W've been watching such great TV since we moved to the US, but not on broadcast or cable TV. It's all legal, though - via streaming and mailed DVDs from Netflix. The amount of commercials we have to suffer through? Zero. What's not to love about that?

Shows that deserve an honourable mention are:

Mad Men - I've already raved about this, and can't wait to see the next season. I am dying for it, in fact.

Breaking Bad - I love how much Bryan Cranston has you cheering for him, despite the awful choices his character makes. The blur between right and wrong gets incredibly twisted. Sadly, we've been waiting an awful long time for Season 4 to become available (Netflix doesn't always acquire the DVDs immediately).

Dexter - For much the same reasons that I adore Breaking Bad. I became hooked on this back in Australia and have watched some here too, but am (impatiently) waiting for Season 6 to be available.

Weeds - Great for giggles and cringes. Like Dexter, this is actually an oldie that I got started on in Australia. Season 7 is lined up in our DVD queue.

Entourage - Snappy and a little outrageous, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn't like it for the way that woman are only on the periphery, but the one-liners are too good not to like. Although it can be quite superficial, it has much more heart than I expected. I still have a couple of series to work through.

30 Rock - Two words: Tina Fey. I am in awe of how her mind works. Now, we're up to date and (shock horror!) can actually watch the current episodes as they air on TV. With ads. Not quite the same when I've seen 90% of it ad-free, but I still love it.

Recent discoveries that I love:

Downton Abbey - It's been far too long since I've seen a British show (obviously), let alone one that has me swooning at the costumes and one-liners. Incredible writing. Season 2 is lined up in the DVD queue, and I cannot wait.

Source: via tamuna on Pinterest

Boardwalk Empire - Another period drama (the prohibition era in the 1920s) with amazing details. The writing is fantastic, too. We've nearly finished the first season, and I know I'll be back for more.

Sherlock - Another British show, portraying Sherlock Holmes as a modern-day character in London. Just watched the first episode last night, and was pulled in instantly. Great cast, great story, amazing cinematography and editing. A bonus is that it's always lovely to recognise places I've been. Alas, there are only three episodes in the first season, so it's going to take all my restraint not to watch the next two in a hurry.

There are simply not enough hours in the evenings. The sad truth is I probably spend more time online than actually watching TV, so I think I'll have gone grey by the time we get through the shows on our queue...

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  1. Recommendations duly noted and added to the ridiculous backlog of popular culture I am woefully behind in.

    The movies, the books, the music.

    I am too old and too busy to LIVE......