Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

The serious lack of rain in Los Angeles means that seeing a rainbow is a pretty big deal. A real, bona-fide rainbow - not one that's been conjured up on a movie set somewhere.

On my way to pick up J from work yesterday, I emerged from our underground parking to be greeted by this happy sight.

It took both girls and I completely by surprise, because when we'd walked out our apartment door, there had been no rain, nor any hint of sunshine about to burst through. I guess a lot can happen in the time it takes to wrangle two small kids out the door, into a lift, down two levels, across to the car, and into their car seats.

As we began the ascent up the driveway from the carpark, large fat raindrops pelted the car. I put on the windscreen wipers, stopped to turn into the street, looked a little to my left... and WOW.

My phone was conveniently within reach, so I became that annoying driver (I normally detest) idling in the shared driveway, as I took a quick snap.

The Faery just about wet her pants with excitement - because, you know, when you're a five-year-old girl, rainbows, fairies and unicorns are what makes the world go round. (Let's face it, if I had a dollar for every rainbow she's ever drawn, we'd be filthy rich.)

Breathlessly, she exclaimed this was "the first real live rainbow" she'd ever seen.

Not exactly true - she'd seen her share when she was younger, in Sydney, but it seems so long ago in her short life that she doesn't remember. When you're five, now is what counts, right?

Although, in a way, she was right. I'm pretty sure that in our almost-two years living here, this is the first proper rainbow we've seen. I've never taken rainbows for granted (who does?) but like anything that's rare, their currency holds even more value to me these days.

Don't we all secretly hope to find that pot of gold one day?


  1. How could you not love a rainbow?

  2. That's a fabulous photo. Love it!