Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Capturing spring

So far, spring has meant a renewed love of the water.

It's meant bright new dresses, dimpled elbows on show.

Impromptu picnics on dry grass.

Daydreaming in warm sunlight.

Friday afternoon sundaes.

Sunshine and being too cool for school.

Explosions of purple everywhere I turn 
(I adore the fact that LA has jacarandas -  
just like Sydney).

*  *  *

This post was inspired by MamaKat's writing prompt
Share a picture that you think captures Spring for your family this year. 

Let's just overlook that fact that I couldn't stick to a single photo, okay? Ta.

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  1. Love your pictures.. I too would be unable to stick to a single picture to describe spring.

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  3. Whoops! Accidentally deleted my first comment (how in the world?). Anyway, your photos here are beautiful! I chose the same topic and I too couldn't choose just one photo! In fact I had to delete some. :) Cheers!

  4. Beautiful representation of spring...and I can completely understand how you couldn't pick just one!

  5. Love love love.
    And especially the ice cream part :)

  6. You ladies sure know how to enjoy some sunshine!

  7. Great pics, I can see why it would be impossible to pick just one!

  8. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful girls!!

  9. Love all the pics - gorgeous as always xxx