Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

Yesterday was a special day - J's and mine anniversary. We've been together a long time, and I feel incredibly lucky that we still love being around each other, and share the same goals.

Since moving to LA, our last two anniversaries have been spent at home. The first year, we were brand new in town and yet to find a babysitter. Last year, our babysitter had to cancel at the last minute. This year? I made sure, confirming many times with our current babysitter. I wasn't taking any chances.

Dinner out, just the two of us, is a rarity. We don't really buy gifts - it's not our style - and I was excited just to be eating in a restaurant, sans small children.

After the babysitter arrived, we kissed the girls goodbye and headed down to the car park. I noticed J had reversed the car into our spot, which neither of usually bother to do. He commented that he'd washed the car in his lunch break, and I felt silly for not noticing the absence of dirt.

Once we were in the car, J told me he'd even cleaned the glovebox, and to have a look inside. I thought it was odd that he wanted to me look, but when I opened it, there was a little blue box inside:

Surprise! I just got luckier. 

I'd been admiring these key necklaces since the first time we set foot inside a Tiffany store (purely for a fun browse, as you do) but I was not expecting a gift at all... let alone this.

He's a keeper - but I already knew that.

Our evening was spent in Old Pasadena. Even though our favourite coffee is there, we hadn't been in for at least six months. Silly us, as it's a great area to wander around. Naturally, coffee was our first stop, followed by dinner at an Indian restaurant that had been recommended to us. Again, silly us - we hadn't eaten at a proper curry house since we were in Australia... and we both love curry.

With full bellies, we strolled a few blocks and peered in windows of now-shut bars and shops (the trouble with going out on a Tuesday night). Champagne bars with chandeliers, gothic taxidermists with peacocks, posh diners with red velvet curtains - Pasadena has something for everyone.

With happy hearts, we headed home.


  1. Oh - he really is something. That's so nice! Glad you had a good night out and happy anniversary!