Sunday, September 23, 2012

Going bush

As much as we loved our time in Sydney, it was a great recharge to spend time down the coast at my parents' place. Not only do they live minutes away from over a dozen incredible beaches, but they're surrounded by bushland. The drive from Sydney also takes us through dairy country, providing the girls with plenty of cow-spotting opportunities.

My first full day back in Australia, the day after our arrival drama (which can be read about here and here), was heralded with plenty of kookaburra songs nearby. Nothing makes me feel like I'm home more than hearing those birds. Over the next few weeks, we were able to see kookaburras, cockatoos, galahs, rainbow lorikeets, rosellas and pelicans. All such beautiful birds, and all in their natural habitats. We also saw shy kangaroos grazing grass and hopping away. After a couple of zoo visits, we were able to check even more native animals off the list that the Faery had going.

So... all good. Lots of recharging the soul and getting in touch with our roots. I feel a little sad that I don't know when I'll be hearing kookaburras again, but I had more than a generous fix of them during our holiday.

I have one more post to do about our time away, then it'll be back to the same old - life in LaLa Land, along with whatever random musings I have to throw in. We've been back less than three weeks... but it feels more like a couple of months. Not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing.


  1. Lovely pics Mad, as usual. =) I love kookaburras but seldom see them here. They were definitely more prevalent around home when I was growing up. We do get beautiful cockatoos, lorikeets and galahs though. Some of them are quite trusting and will allow you to approach them while they're feeding.

    1. All such amazing birds, aren't they?

      When we lived in St Kilda, sunset time was when all the date trees would be filled with rainbow lorikeets, chattering away. One evening, there was a woman walking in front of me along Acland St, and she looked up to one of the trees and yelled out, "Oh shut up, you annoying birds!" I nearly told HER to shut up. What a miserable soul.

      I love it when birds are brave/trusting/cheeky enough to come visit and eat what you offer.