Monday, December 24, 2012

All things Christmassy

It's Christmas Eve, so I figured I'm excused from writing an actual post here. I haven't done a photo dump for a while, and if today's not the perfect time to do it, I don't know when is. We've been having fun in this lead up to Christmas, and enjoying the pretty wintery decorations. We'll have our traditional roast tomorrow, and relish the fact that it won't be +30ÂșC in our home - the perk of a northern hemisphere Christmas. However, I'm going to ignore that it's winter and also celebrate Christmas with that great Australian/New Zealander dessert tradition of pavlova as well. I'm already drooling at the thought.

I hope that whatever you're doing to celebrate this time of year, you have a wonderful day too!

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  1. Merry Christmas Family Mad! Have a wonderful day with J and the girls and thanks for your friendship. xxx