Monday, December 10, 2012

Colour me happy

It's been a productive kind of week.

First of all, I surprised myself and actually finished revamping the old chair I found on the side of a road last year. I'm more than thrilled with the result, but it wasn't without learning a few things along the way. For example, if you're going to do something stupid like pick up the chair to move it, and the section you grab it by still has wet paint... well, make sure you have something stronger in the home to clean your hands with than liquid hand soap. Let's just say I literally had a golden touch for a few hours. I also learned - the inconvenient way - that one large can of spray paint is not enough for one chair. Silly me.

Not only did I finish the chair, but I also tackled the frame I found last summer. I was getting annoyed by it taking up space outside, and it didn't seem to like the recent rain much. For ages, I was unsure whether to paint it or not, whether to put a print or fabric inside... I was very indecisive (how surprising). Then not long ago, I saw a similar frame on Instagram, with wires strung across, small metal clips, and photos adorned within. I totally decided to copy it. So, after removing several dozen jagged staples from the inside of the frame, then paying a record quick trip to IKEA for the wire and clips, I was in business. I now have a few bits of the girls' artwork and photos, and I like that I can easily rotate things on display. For now, it's rainbows, mermaids, tigers, and something mysterious that only Miss Pie knows.

Then over the weekend, we got a Christmas tree. It was time to decorate, but this year I've had to really accept that my visions of sparkly splendour are never going to match reality - not with two little girls who are constantly rearranging things on the tree. Funnily enough, I'm okay with that. I thought I'd be more annoyed but at this point, I'm just enjoying the scent of pine in our apartment. I'm also enjoying the pops of colour now. So much less beige, and that's a good thing. Rest assured, though, that this is likely to be the only DIY/crafty type of post you'll find here for a very long time. For now, you may congratulate me and tell me how clever I am - I'm in a validation seeking kind of mood.


  1. Ooh I LOVE the fabric on your chair, MJ! Great job.

    1. Thanks Anna! I love it too. And thanks for the validation ;)