Monday, January 28, 2013

January snippets

I have at least four complete posts written in my head, but we've had the usual wintery illnesses going round the home lately, making it tricky for me to commit to sitting down and just writing, writing, writing. I have a million things to say, and I'll get them out... eventually.

In the mean time, I'd like to share my favourite photos from January. Winter's not too bad in these parts, but I'm still looking forward to spring. Yes, I am a wimp...


  1. I just can't cope with the awesome.

    Now let's talk pic apps. What are you using? These don't look like standard Instagram - or are they? And you just removed the borders?

    Why do I only ever have my phone out in lowlight situations? How come everywhere you go is picturesque? And also, are you the only person who walks in LA?


    1. I only use the borders on Instagram occasionally - I don't feel that they necessarily 'add' to a photo, if you know what I mean, but they can be fun. And low light = enemy no. 1 for iPhone pics! Gah, I've had to delete so many grainy shots because of low light.

      Most of the shots here have had the Instagram filters applied, but have been tweaked beforehand with the Snapseed app (my favourite app). I use Snapseed to up the contrast or brightness. Also, if I want to go black & white, I tend to do that on Snapseed as I like the subtle control there is to adjust (again) the brightness or contrast. Much better than the blanket black & white filters on IG. The tilt shift function on Snapseed is 1000 times superior to the IG one as well. Lots of fun!

      For the sepia-toned look (like the one with Miss Pie and her ice cream) I go b&W first, then try out one of the IG filters on top. You'd be amazed at how cool they are when the colour is taken away beforehand. My favourite combo is b&w first, then the Earlybird filter.

      I don't really bother with filters from other apps, although I do sometimes use PicFX for its Marshmallow, Vintage Film, or light (bokeh) filters.

      Sometimes I think about doing a post for this but a) I hardly have enough of a readership that'd be interested, and b) so many bloggers have already written about it. I don't know if you've ever read Grumbles and Grunts? I do sometimes, but mostly I follow her on IG. Anyhow, she recently wrote a great post about getting beautiful iPhone shots like hers, and I was nodding my head to a lot of it as it's stuff I've been figuring out too:


    2. Oh, awesome! Thank you for that.

      I think I remember Ilana from Mommyshorts mentioning Snapseed when I asked her about apps but for some reason, I thought it was only for the iPad....which makes no sense...

      I will check out Snapseed and that blog post for sure. xx