Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three, take two

Miss Pie is officially three, and we are officially in the throes of toilet-training. We're only in the early stage (ie nappy off only when at home) but this past week hasn't been too bad. I'm glad we waited until now, though, as I just know there would have been a whole bunch of screaming fits (her? me?) if we'd tried last year. At the moment she seems to be recognising the signs of needing to go, and - mostly - making it in time. So far, there have been far fewer accidents than I anticipated. All good.

Her birthday - falling in the middle of the week - was a quiet affair, but we had some friends over yesterday for cake and nibblies. She was adamant about having a dinosaur cake (I blame Peppa Pig's brother) but didn't seem too bothered by the fact that I approximated a dragon cake template. Dragons, dinosaurs... they're all the same right? And this particular cake design seemed doable. I am all about doable cakes, rather than ambitious cakes. Who needs the spike in stress levels from attempting complicated party cakes?

I dug out the face-painting kit, and had every intention of using it (secretly hoping our tattoo artist friend might help out) but once the wine began to flow for us adults, and the kids amused themselves upstairs with a karaoke microphone, our bed, and a colander over our lamp for a mirror ball effect (kids are resourceful, huh?)... face-painting didn't end up happening.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves but I managed to over-cater. J has headed out of town for two nights, so instead of eating nutritionally-prepared meals for one, I'll be stuffing my face with leftover pizzas, spring rolls, cake and wine for the next couple of days.

Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. Even better, I just heard that my girl crush, Tina Fey, is hosting the Golden Globes tonight. I think my Sunday night has just been taken care of.


  1. Given the reception the broadcast for the Golden Globes appears to be getting on Twitter, I am almost tempted to tune in. Normally I avoid those sorts of things like the plague but I'd do anything for Tina.

    Love those cakes! The dragon/dinosaur is just perfect. I did a dinosaur cake for Rory's birthday ... just a four coloured green with dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs on it but he loved it.

    Mmmmm, wine ...

    1. I didn't watch it live and had to watch the recording, because I was doing the solo parent dinner-bed-bath routine, so I had to avoid Twitter last night. Didn't want any spoilers!

      I very nearly was going to do the cake as you described for Rory, but a certain 6 year old showed a certain three year old the photo of the pink dragon cake, and that was it. HAD to be that cake. I'm happy that birthdays are only once a year ;)