Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art therapy

The last few days have consisted of the gloriously warm, sunny weather that SoCal winter does so well. Yesterday, I remembered that - far too long ago - I'd bought a cheap watercolour set for Miss Pie, put it aside for another day... and promptly forgotten about it. Guilt set in as I realised the poor poppet has only ever really had a jar of pencils or crayons plopped down in front of her to get arty with, and nothing else.

When the Faery was that same age, she'd been in day care several days a week, for a good year or so. I never felt bad about the fact that I didn't do much arty/crafty stuff with her because she was able to experience that sort of messy fun to her heart's content at day care.

Miss Pie will be starting preschool soon, but sadly for her, I've neglected her in the messy paint and crafts department so far. When I set up the paints for her yesterday, she was beside herself. She wasted no time in getting colour to paper, only pausing every now and then to exclaim how fun it was. Man, have I been doing her a disservice. What I'd intended as a brief activity turned into nearly an hour. It could have gone on much longer if it wasn't for the inconvenience of nap time. Every time I suggested we pack it away, there were squeals of protest. She loved it.

Seeing how deeply she'd immersed herself in it, I wasn't really surprised. Aside from how much her sister loves getting arty too (well, don't most kids?), I was the same - am still the same. I remember being incredibly aware - in my early teens - of how soothed I felt when losing myself in drawing or painting during art classes. To an extent, I get a similar kick out of photography.

I've been telling myself for years that I'll take up an evening class and get back into making art again. Maybe 2013 should be the year to make it happen.


  1. Kids love paint. Oh man, they love it. Way more than any pencil/crayon/texta. Possibly equally as much as glue and playdough. There is a direct correlation between the joy an activity will bring the child and the pain it will cause the parent in cleaning it up.

    But this looks pretty painless. And mega-ridiculous cute.

    They got big, honey. They got big really fast.


    1. Yep. Notice it's outside? I can't deal with this kind of thing inside - beige carpet in rental properties are such a massively stressful pain in the arse, without throwing preschoolers and paint into the equation!

      And I know. When did they get so big?