Sunday, August 14, 2011



I know, what was with the dorky haircut? Do I look like Andy Warhol's love child, or what?
Blame it on the 80s, I guess.

(I remember my mum being furious with the hairdresser)

I was five.

In kindergarten, and from the look of it - my winter uniform.

I don't have any photos of my first day at school, but they must be floating around somewhere.

It's a rite of passage, isn't it?

The first day, out in the front garden.

Clad in a new uniform, purchased one or two sizes larger - to guarantee it will fit for a year.

Likewise, shiny black shoes - empty at one end, leaving room for growing toes. Big feet on scrawny legs.

(Maybe that was just me)

Anyhow, this experience is a given for most Australians, given our public schools' love of uniforms.

A few weeks ago, my Faery turned five.

In a few weeks' time, she'll be posing for her first-day-at-school photos.

Without a uniform.

I'm a little sad about that.

No over-sized uniform. 
No shiny black shoes.

One thing's for sure - her bag will look huge on her.

It's not the same, though. 

From the time she was born, and I began to imagine her starting school, it was always with a school uniform - it was before we'd even entertained the idea of living in the US for a few years.

Not having a uniform has its own advantages - no stressing on Sunday nights about what hasn't been washed or ironed - oh wait, I don't even have an iron.

(I never claimed to be a domestic goddess)

Lucky I won't be needing one, then.

So, regular clothes it is. She's so fixated on her favourite clothes that she'll probably want to wear the same two or three things, over and over.

Not that different to a uniform, really.

Still, looking at the new autumn clothes arriving in stores, I feel the need to go and buy a cute preppy outfit for the Faery to wear on her first day.

Something with checks. Preferably pleated... although there is the lack-of-iron issue. Hold the pleats, then.

And long socks are a must.

That's if she'll let me.

I'm sensing that a uniform would be harder for her to argue with. There's a lot to be said for having no choice.

Whatever. All I know is, it's going to be the end of an era, and the beginning of a completely new one for the Faery.



  1. Oh, that is a shame for the Faery. I am a uniform enthusiast myself and I would be feeling a little sad over that one too...

  2. Oh, look at little MJ. Freakin' gorgeous child, you were. Nothing has changed. You're still a beaut (left the y off for some Aussie flavour. Feel me?).

    Wah. Yes, the uniform! The enormous, ill-fitting uniform. I would be sad, too. Definitely the crisp white knee socks which return home crumpled down and with dust in the creases. Love it.

    I look forward to photos, uniform or no.

    But you can totally prep the Faery up! A bit of argyle sweater action, perhaps?

  3. Oh my goodness, my post is out of order?!!?? As in, the text has jumped around!!

    The second last line should be the last. And the last line should come after "I would be sad, too" and then be followed by the sock bit! Arrrgh! It kills me that I can't edit!!!

  4. I love a uniform too. It was a deciding factor for me when choosing W's school. Faery will have a blast at school, uniform or not. Can you believe our kids are THAT age already?

    I love your school pics. You look like you are freezing at a bus stop but freezing very cutely.

  5. Jen - I was told yesterday that there are school colours to be worn, but after looking at the schools's website again, there is zero mention in the Dress Codes. Lots of other limitations, but nothing about colour. Now I'm annoyed! School starts the week after next and I have no way of finding out for certain until next week when the admin staff will be back in the office. Grrr!

    Angie - after some mental gymnastics, I 'edited' your post in my head. Love your description of the dust in the sock creases - so true!

    Melbo - I cannot believe it. Part of me is still in denial! I have to tell you about this school properly - will write a message soon for you.

    These pics were taken in the school yard one day, I look like I was freezing, but that's just how I used to stand a lot - all hunched over and unsure of things.

  6. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ha haaaaaaaaaaa! This could be the ONLY time you've ever looked bad! And somehow you still look cool damn it
    love tanya

  7. I think you have selective memory syndrome, my dear. There have been PLENTY of times where I've looked god-awful! xxx