Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Double D

As promised to myself, ages ago, I finally got around to treating myself and went bra shopping last night.

What an epic mission.

A few weeks ago, when our budget didn't allow for such folly, I cheekily went into Victoria's Secret and got fitted anyway. I was child-free for a few hours, and thought why not? It'll save time for when I actually go bra shopping later.

I was so wrong.

The assistant measured me, and told me I was size 34DD. I was more than happy to hear that, given I was a DD pre-kids, before two pregnancies and three years of breastfeeding.

Armed with that knowledge, I went back last night and spent a good half hour, painfully selecting a few bras in my size. It took longer than I thought because whenever I saw a style I liked, I couldn't find a colour I liked in 34DD.

Turns out 34DD is not so easy to find nice bras in, even in Victoria's Secret.

Eventually, I made my way into a fitting room, only to be horrified once I began trying on the bras.

First, what the hell is wrong with the fitting room lighting in those stores? It was suitably dim, yet somehow, every dimple and vein in my skin was highlighted. Did I look hot in those bras? No siree.

Secondly... back fat? Wtf? When did that happen? Deep breaths. The bras do feel rather tight... 

Turns out I'm not a 34DD after all. The assistant handed me a 36D to try on, which fitted okay-ish. I pointed to a little spillage at the sides, and suggested to her that perhaps I need a 36DD, but she told me the wire would go too high under my arms, and a D would be better.

Back to the drawing board, I left the fitting room to choose a new selection of bras. This time, different colours were available, and again, not all to my liking, so it took me a while.

Armed with my new selection, I returned to the fitting room. No more back fat, but each of the bras gave me massive spillage at the sides - more than the initial 36D I'd tried on. Unattractive, and uncomfortable. I called in the assistant - who, thankfully, was different to the other girl and seemed to have more of a clue.

Turns out I'm not a 36D either. Definitely a 36DD.

I had to start all over again. Different colours, and all that. Turns out DD, in any size, has less variety.

In the end, I settled on just one bra. An hour and a half it took me, to buy one mother-effing bra. A very pretty bra - no less - but only one bra.

I am so glad I didn't have to do that with small kids in tow. I'd have lasted ten minutes - praise the forces that be for night time shopping!

But next time? I'm buying online. At least after trying on over a dozen bras, I know my size for sure. Clicking on a few little boxes has got to be easier, and surely the big warehouse will have all the colours/styles in DD. That's what I call a win.
This is not me...    (Photo source)
I think I fill out my Victoria's Secret bra 
better than any of their models do -
no tissues or chicken fillets required.


  1. No wonder people pore over those catalogues. And by people, I mean "men".

    That first assistant clearly has no clue.

    I'm glad you got one bra at least but totally sympathise on how hard it is to actually bridge that gap between finding the right size and leaving the shop with something in a bag. For some reason,they never have my size either. Or everyone is 12DD. One of the two.

    It's true that spillage is a sign of a bad fit. One must be completely inside the bra, not slurping out of it. Clearly something the first assistant needs to bone up on (so to speak).

    I think you're right about online. Definitely the best way to go. Find your size and then have it delivered to your doorstep.

  2. I think after the initial measurement of 34DD last month, I had thoughts of popping online for the purchases - good thing I didn't! But yes, will do so next time, for sure. A quick peruse of Target etc showed DD was just as hard to come by.

  3. I wonder when I will buy a bra again....an actual, just-for-show, pretty bra.

    I wonder if I will have anything to put into said pretty bra when my spawn have finished sucking the very marrow from my bones. Or something.

    This post has made me chipper, no?

  4. Oh Angie. You will, it just feels very far off. Just think of all the other fun, pretty purchases I know you'll be making in the mean time.