Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pandas and polars

While we were on our little holiday down the coast, we visited San Diego Zoo. 

We loved it, and it didn't feel as massive as I'd heard it was. Although we didn't see everything that day, it wasn't because of the size. We just took our time and stopped often, knowing we'll be back to see more another weekend. We walked the entire length at one point, and it didn't seem to take that long. It didn't feel any more sprawled out than Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

As I was waiting in line to see one of the pandas, I overheard a couple of people behind me, talking on their phones - saying how big the zoo was, and how much walking they'd had to do. I had to hide a smile. I get the impression that there's a large portion of the American population who dislike walking. Or aren't used to it. 

As for the panda? He was the first one I've ever clapped eyes on in real life, and the word cute doesn't do justice. He was so round and soft-looking... I just wanted to curl up into him for snuggles.

Our year's membership is just the incentive we need to force us off our bums one weekend, and return - I'm looking forward to it already.

Whose idea was it to give the kid some Coke? (not mine...)

Up close and personal with my first polar bear...
by far the coolest sight.

Floating foot of a sleeping Faery, coming back from the zoo.
Nothing says 'road trip' more than a car floor scattered with road maps.


  1. Love it.

    Isn't the zoo awesome? Zoos are awesome.

    Although I have to say that taking the kids? Has largely been an exercise in pain.
    "Where's the lion? I wanna see the lion? Are we at the lions yet?"
    With much fanfare, reveal THE LIONS. And then "What next?"


    Bless that floating foot - but someone get that child a pedi - STAT!

  2. Oh... people take their kids to the zoo, for their kids? I go purely for my own enjoyment. If my kids should happen to have fun there, that's a nice little bonus.

    Because I'm all selfless like that...