Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Use as directed

Courtesy of a rewards-type card, every three months I receive a batch of coupons to use at my local supermarket. 

In case you can't see the picture clearly, this coupon is for Stayfree products. In other words - pads.

I'm so glad they reminded me to use as directed. When I think of all the ways I could possibly misuse this product, I can only feel grateful for this sage recommendation.


  1. They really want to cover those bases don't they? You never know when someone will take it upon themselves to start ingesting sanitary products.

    Reminds me though about a family euphemism of ours - I always remember when Dad did the grocery shopping when we were kids. When he was doing up the list, he would write "hamburger buns" instead pads. It was his little joke. I suppose in those days, most of them DID look like hamburger buns.

  2. Bases covered? Check. This land of the free (and lawsuits) really does crack me up at times.

    Whatever happened to letting people use plain old common sense? At this rate, it's going to die out.

    And 'hamburger buns'? So cute, and way better than my own parents' reference to them - which was to NOT refer to them at all (other than 'those things in the bathroom drawer'). It's a wonder I don't have more repressed tendencies.

  3. Indeed, pads are dangerous when misused. Or so I hear. What would I know? I've been pregnant for the last 5 years....

  4. You and your lack of menses. Bitch ;)

    A friend just had her fourth baby. Her eldest (who tells us he's going to marry the Faery - so cute) turned five in the same week. That's as close to being non-stop pregnant in 5 years that I can think of, and I cannot imagine how she does it - her husband is a political speech writer, so travels on the campaign trail for weeks at a time, depending on which candidate has hired him. Every time I talk to her, I tell myself I'll never whinge about dealing with two small kids again. Doesn't last, though...

  5. In the name of all that's holy! That is constant pregnancy, isn't it? Hats off to her (and pants ON!).