Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Most days here are still bright and sunny, so I wear my sunglasses regularly when driving.

There's a beautiful street near the Faery's school that I usually park on. It's lined with large sycamores and maples that form leafy archways over the street, and every time I turn into that street, I think Wow, the leaves are finally turning!

Then I park the car, remove my sunglasses, and realise the leaves haven't really turned after all - it's just the tinting on my sunnies. Those trees are in fact just a dry shade of green.

This is now my second autumn in LA, so I'm well aware that we won't be getting the full 'fall' effect that other parts of the US experience.

Instead, there's a mysterious process at play - green leaves on trees, brown leaves on the ground beneath. It's hard to catch the transition, and the leaves seem to drop without turning magnificent shades first.

A walk around my neighbourhood yesterday revealed the odd glimpse of leaves changing, but if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't be aware that the seasons were changing. For the most part, it's sunny business as usual in LA.

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  1. For all year round LA weather, I could live without orange leaves. And just roadtrip it through Connecticut once in a while.

    Gorgeous photos, yo.

  2. And yes, I called you 'yo' - reco'niiiize.

  3. I can't read the word 'yo' now without hearing it in Jesse's voice (from Breaking Bad). Low and gravelly. I'm pretty sure your voice doesn't sound like that, though.

    A road trip east at this time of year would be lovely, I agree.

  4. I bet it's lots of fun living in LA! I live in Texas and we don't get the awesome fall colors, either. Great pictures!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  5. I imagine L.A. is very similar to Florida when it comes to fall. Autumn arrives much slower here than the in the rest of the country.

    Great post! Love your fall photos! Visiting here from Mama Kats.

  6. I enjoyed seeing you pictures of LA. Here in Cleveland, the trees are very pretty with all different colored leaves.

    Stopping by from writers workshop.

  7. I've never been to CA but It definitely looks a lot different than NC this time of year! Thanks for sharing your photos. :)

  8. Visiting CA is on my short list of things to do soon. DC is in full swing w/the changing of seasons and fall is in full effect. I want to be warm!

  9. I've never been to CA in the fall. Defintely a lot different then the Northeast.

  10. The trees are just as confused here in the South. :) Some trees have shed their leaves, some seem to grasp onto their leaves tightly in hopes they won't fall, and others are still as green as they can be. Doesn't help that we're in the 70's some days and 40's the others. I just want it to snow already!!! :) Great response to the blog prompt, see you again next week!!!