Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bits and pieces

We have a lot of Mourning Doves dwelling in nearby trees. 
They're currently immersing themselves in spring, getting busy with building nests.

The Faery and Miss Pie are fairly enamoured with these sweet birds, calling 
our nearest one Mumma Tweet. Actually, all of them are called Mumma Tweet. 

I try not to give in, but some days at the shops, it's impossible not to buy something for the Faery. 
Five-year olds are pretty damned good at being annoying until you cave, right? 

Naturally, she chose the pinkest, most blingy pair of sunglasses. Naturally, I groaned.

On Sunday, neither of us felt like cooking. It was our two-year anniversary of being in the US
so it was an easy decision to go out and mark this with a family meal at the local diner. 

My sister saw this photo and said it looked like a scene from Twin Peaks - which is funny 
because it does (thank you, Instagram), but I hadn't even noticed.

It does actually rain here now and then. Really.

I'm always happy to see daffodils. If I could get my hands on some jonquils,
 I'd be in heaven. Love the smell of those.

As you can see, project DIY chair revamp is - ahem - yet to happen. 
Yes, I'm one of those people. All talk and ideas, but no action.

At least the chair is happy enough in the sunshine, 
and I have a nice spot to sit when I'm hiding from the kids
having a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

Hey, who doesn't love a bit of red tricycle action?

Wish I could say those small feet belonged to me, but no.
Miss Pie is the happy owner - feet and trike.


  1. Love the pics - the raindrops are particularly great. You have such a good eye for these things.

    I love the Faery's glasses. But what do you expect from someone who wears purple frames with bling on the sides herself? =)

    1. My sunnies (I feel so Aussie just typing that) are are little on the blingy side too - but turquoise. Are your purple ones your regular specs or sunnies?

  2. I dig the Faery's sunnies. Dig them.

    Your Instagram photos annoy me because they are awesome.

    I think my "Push Prez" should totally be an iPhone. Thoughts?

    Oh, and you don't even know how many 'projects' I have waiting or the money I've spent on the necessary materials required for said 'projects.' No.freakin.clue.

  3. An iPhone as a push prez? Totes, babe.

    Never got a push prez myself, but seeing as I was given this iPhone, I'm not going to complain ;)