Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two years in La La Land

It seems that only six months ago, I wrote about it being a whole year since we'd moved to Los Angeles, but guess what? That wasn't six months ago.

It was a year ago.

Meaning? We've actually been here for two years now.

Holy crap. I have no idea where that time went - none at all. It's flown even faster than our first year here. I suspect the fact that the Faery is in school five days a week may be somewhat responsible. Days are filled with more purpose now, and our social calendar looks much busier.

Not only has the Faery been busy with making new friends from school, so have I. This is good. Maybe it's just me, but as I get older, I get lazier and less motivated to make new friends. I like the ones I already have, thank you very much. Unfortunately, they happen to mostly live on the other side of the Pacific Ocean - a little tricky for hanging out together.

So, I've put on my cheerful face during school drop-offs and pick-ups, and made an effort to get to know other parents. I'd been secretly dreading the whole school mum/mom scene for a while, imagining snooty cliques of soccer mums.

Thankfully, I've been proven very wrong. Kids are great as a tool for meeting other people, right? Perhaps it's down to the nature of the programme that the Faery is enrolled in - dual language and heavy exposure to Korean culture - but the parents are far more open-minded, knowledgable, and embracing of other cultures than what I'd imagined (stupidly based on stereotypes of American adults).

Don't I feel foolish? But this is the sort of situation where I'm happy to be wrong.

Not only am I meeting more people - lovely, friendly people - but many of them are connected to this city in a way that's just so... well... L.A. baby. 

Three of the dads are musicians (one of whom spent over a decade in a band which even had a number one song in Australia, strangely enough, so he's been on many tours there). Several other dads work for the same animation company as J. One of the mums is involved high up the chain at Nickelodean Jnr, and I've seen her name in the credits of the Faery's current favourite show. Another mum is an in-demand hairdresser based in Hollywood, and modest to boot about it. It's only over time that I've coaxed from her the names of celebrities she's worked on - Katy Perry, Florence Welch, Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears, to name a few.

I feel pretty uncool next to some of these parents, but I'm okay with that. It's purely my own perception of where I stand in the grand scheme of social pecking order - thanks to high school all those years ago. I know that I have a few things going in my favour, too. Being the "tall Australian mom" curries a certain amount of curiosity. I don't mind that.

I'm not even sure where this ramble is going right now. Mostly, I just wanted to acknowledge this two-year L.A. anniversary, along with how quickly time has passed. That mostly, my social circle here is expanding, and that's cause for a happy dance. That loneliness that expats feel at some point, impatient to know more people? That's quickly becoming a distant memory here.

A year ago, I don't think there are many people I would have missed if we were to pack up and head back home. Things are feeling more entwined now and I know with certainty that when the time comes to leave L.A. - whether it's two years from now, or in five years - there are people I'll be very sad to say goodbye to.

Still, what's that saying? It's better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. I think it's the same with moving far away. Let new people in, even if the sadness of parting ways is inevitable. Otherwise, what's the point? To live life properly, it needs to be shared with friends - whether old or new.


  1. Oh my ... how did I miss this? Sorry - I just realised you'd put this post up and it was an anniversary one too.

    I do remember that one year post and yes, it does seem like six months ago, not a full twelve. My how time flies.

    Funny to think too that Miss Pie has lived there most of her life. I really felt for you when you left Oz while she was so tiny and you postnatal and all. It's a tough time to even think about going down the shops for some milk, let alone packing up and heading for another country.

    It is certainly a sign you've settled in when you know it would be a bit of a wrench to leave. I know it sounds strange but I think that is a good thing.

    1. It sure was a crazy period, moving here... but I think it could have been a thousand times harder than what it actually was. Miss Pie was a super easy baby at that stage - as long as she had boob or sleep, all was fine. Those things were pretty easy to provide, even amongst all the upheaval. Also, it's not like I'd had a C-section to recover from, or milk supply/breastfeeding issues. I'm grateful that a hundred potential complicating factors were absent.

      You're right - it's funny to know that Miss Pie's lived most her life here. So many little things she doesn't know about, that I can't wait to introduce when we visit in August. Babycinos, cheesymite scrolls... here we come. F can't wait to have those again!

  2. It seems impossible that two years have passed but of course, our babes our now two so it must be so.

    I love that you're meeting serious locals - it's a bit awesome. Did you DIE when hairdresser lady spoke the name 'Florence Welsh'? - I know how you crush on her.

    And which band, which band? I am super-impressed with the shoulder rubbing, you!

  3. Scary how fast two years have gone, huh? No longer babies... but that's okay, you'll have a brand new one in your arms any day now! ANY DAY! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

    As for the other deets, I'll let you know in another chat elsewhere. Not sure why, but I feel hesitant to put them here...