Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow tripping

We're not really spontaneous. Sometimes, but not often.

Last Sunday, despite the looming black clouds, we decided to take a chance and drive to a recently discovered gem of a park. The sun was shining, but for how long?

As we headed north in the car, we noticed that some of the mountains were freshly capped with snow... finally. They'd been looking decidedly bare this winter, and the snow explained the sudden drop in temperatures those last few days.

While the girls played at the park, J and I kept glancing towards the mountains. We'd heard that the nearest snow fields weren't too much of a drive - maybe forty minutes. Should we?

Yes. Let's do it.

It was a cold day anyway, so our clothing was warm enough for a quick play in the snow. Unlike our last day trip to the snow (at Mt Hood in Oregon when staying with friends in Portland), I wasn't wearing Birkenstocks (in my defence, it was summer and we didn't know we'd be visiting the snow), so I considered this a win.

We just needed food, so made a quick stop at a nearby bakery for fresh bagels to go. Next stop - the Angeles Crest Highway, through the Angeles National Forest.

Not long after beginning our ascent, we glanced at the petrol gauge. Crap.

The tank was maybe an eighth full. We'd passed a petrol station a while back and suspected there wouldn't be any more stations for quite some time.

Never mind. We drove a little more, then stopped at a lookout point.

A quick run around, some snow balls thrown from the fast-melting snow patches, rosy cheeks, and a laugh at the similar antics of other families who'd stopped there as well - snowmen on car bonnets, anyone?

The sun disappeared, the clouds got darker, and small soft white circles began to fall. Snow or sleet - who the hell knew? This kind of climate is beyond my expertise.

Back in the car, chewy-licious bagels were passed around as we warmed up, then we turned the car around and began our descent. The downward drive meant we barely made a dent in our remaining petrol. Sighs of relief as we realised we weren't going to be stranded on a freezing mountain side.

Not a bad little outing, for what began as a trip to a park.

Hard to believe that only two weeks earlier, we'd gotten sunburnt in Malibu - California is wild, huh?


  1. Oh my goodness, people avtually go TO the snow this time of the year? Well you are not slone, this is the big season of going on ski trips in Sweden. And I've never understood that. It's been cold and snow all winter and when it finally starts to look a bit like spring, then people go to where there s still snow and cold!
    But you did get some very pretty pictures!

    1. I know how cold Sweden gets. I was there in December, about ten years ago - it was COLD. Gothenburg and Vårgårda, and both places were covered in snow. So pretty! I hate the cold, but I'll take it if everything is covered in sparkly white snow. I'd love to go back and see what Sweden's like in summer. My aunt has a second home in Åmål, and I fantasise about being able to use it for a holiday.

  2. We're not spontaneous either. I really admire it but I'm too uptight.

    So I love that you did this! And the photos are gorgeous. It's so amazing how different landscapes can be between countries (and even states). I know that seems like a dumb thing to write but...I dunno, it's just one of those cool things about seeing the world. Your pictures capture the uniqueness of your new world so beautifully.

    1. The way the landscape changes within a few hours' drive in any direction from us is pretty amazing. I love the diversity of California's terrain, and feel so lucky to be able to see it. Who knows - one day we'll drive as far north as Yosemite or Tahoe! That'd be so cool.