Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm not sure whether it's because enough readers were generous with their time and clicked away madly on the link in my earlier post, or if the site was simply going to give me some gallery space in due time... but either way, thank you!

My gallery 'opened' last week. If you're curious, click here to browse.

It almost seems too easy. Really, it amounts to me sitting passively on my butt and letting a third party take care of the business of hosting my chosen images and - if I'm lucky and someone wants to put one of my photos on their wall - organising the canvas printing, shipping and payments.

The photos I've chosen would have otherwise just been sitting on my phone and Instagram account. What else was I going to do with them? Why not take advantage, and do a little role play of being an artist? Have some fun?

So there you have it. Who knows whether anyone will buy one of my images, but I can go to sleep at night, telling myself that my art is on display. What's not to love about that?

The teenaged dreamer in me could not be happier.

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