Tuesday, July 10, 2012


What? No square-shaped, retro-filtered photos from Instagram?

Oh, I have a stack of those from the last few days... but yesterday, I picked up my lovely proper camera and got my snap on. The poor thing has been more than neglected. I think May was the last time I held it in my hands. Anyhow, it felt good and I've resolved to get the camera out more often. I've been considering one of those 365 day challenges for a while now, but we'll see.

With the temperatures soaring in this neck of the woods, the Faery and Miss Pie were just hanging out in their knickers and nappies. One of my favourite things about summer and kids is the lack of clothing needed when it's super hot - just creamy soft skin on show.

That last photo is a blurry action shot but it kind of shows a bit of our new digs. And before anyone points it out, why yes, we do own an awful lot of IKEA furniture. It's what happens when you move overseas and realise it's far cheaper to buy from scratch than to ship everything over.

Excuses aside, I happen to like IKEA a lot. I get more than a little bored by people turning their noses up at IKEA. Whatever. I'd rather spend the little pennies I have on affordable furniture, than pay three times the amount for something just because it's been put together already. And as much as I love the charm and character of second-hand furniture, I've never been good at sourcing it.

Good thing this isn't a lifestyle/design/DIY blog then, isn't it? (and on a side note, after reorganising our entire living arrangements these last few weeks, and attempting some semblance of aesthetic peace with the new apartment to make it feel like 'home', I have no idea how bloggers manage to regularly write about and document that kind of thing if that's their schtick - especially the ones with kids.)

I'm not even sure what category my own blog really falls into. It's something I've been thinking about lately because even though I do mention my kids a fair bit, I don't really consider it a 'mummy blog'. Nor one that flexes my serious writing muscle, despite my occasional attempts at it. Sometimes I feel like writing; other times it's all about the photos. I'm okay with that, though. I started this little project to document a bit of my life overseas - something I might look back on one day, or my girls may want to dig into when they're older. For those reasons, I'm just going to keep going the way I am.

In the mean time, did you see the state of our carpet? My money says it won't last long...


  1. Oh, I love the creamy skin of youth! I especially love cuddling my kids when they're running about half-naked. And skin to skin with Harlow is heaven.

    I am yet to figure out my camera and I'm a bit ashamed of that. The only thing I do know is that I like to shoot without the flash whenever possible - but that's the extent of "getting out of auto" - shame, really.

    I love Ikea - and dontcha know it's all about Scandi style on the lifestyle blogs? Witness: Bleubird has an Ikea table in her kitchen!

    And yes, how do they do it, those style mavens? I really don't understand it. Do they totally dress the scene? Because if I tried to take photos of "my day" it would look like a shit fight in my house. Dishes, random toys, abandoned sippy cups/plates/clothes - just SHIT EVERYWHERE.

    And then, of course, I just don't have that cute, vintage eye for home decor. *sad face*

    As to what your blog should be - isn't that the beauty of the personal blog? That you can be anything you want?

    I like the mix of musings and photography, whimsy and the occasional piece of writing that gives us a deeper glimpse at the beautiful, complex woman you are.

    Unless your aim is to turn this thing into an actual money spinner, you require no labels. It's only PR people who need to fit you into a box.

    So keep being mad in LA. I love it.


    PS/ Mad in Melbourne also has a nice ring to it...

    1. So many things to love about your comment.

      Scandi is in with the hipsters? Well then, I'm way ahead because six years ago I chose a Scandi name for the Faery. I win ;)

      And yep, before taking these pictures, there was a mad swoop to clear random crap off the floor... and it was all back before you could say "Scandi cheese".

      I think I entertained the fantasy of a money-spinning blog for, maybe, six seconds. Totally cool that it will never be. I take my hat off to those who who've achieved some kind of financial success with theirs, but a) I don't have the content, and b) I am far too lazy. Also, I would suck at having to think about what it is that most readers are after and providing that, along with frequent sponsored posts. Having said that, though, if someone wants to throw a little money my way... ;)

      Thank you. As with most things, I usually come to the conclusion that no labels is the way to be. I quite like my own beat. If others like it too, well, cool. Otherwise, I have a nice little record here of our days in LA - for our own nostalgia trips one day.

      Also, Mad in Melbourne? I wouldn't rule it out. When we return to Australia for good, if the work for J is there and not Sydney, I wouldn't bat an eye. For a Sydney-sider, I happen to really like Melbourne too.

      Oh - We have our first tooth-falling-out here... must run!