Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July moments

Life is happening with a fury right now, but it's all good.

Housewarmings, lost teeth, birthdays, overseas trip preparations, play dates, car collisions (minor, and not my fault!)... all this leaves little time for blogging. Once again, Instagram to the rescue.

J insisted I go soaking in our complex's jacuzzi one night, and I had the place to myself. I love it when that happens, and the sun is going down - bliss.
(Cleaning up after our housewarming party, I'd managed to put my neck out pretty badly. Luckily, I was recommended an amazing chiropractor - I hadn't ever been to one before - and I think I've been converted. It's been a revelation, I'm not exaggerating, and I'm looking forward to a new improved spine.)

By grown up necklace, the Faery had in mind a gold Tiffany one, like I was given a few months back. The kid has expensive taste, but the tooth fairy only had a couple of bucks and a new toothbrush for her (it was her first tooth to fall out). Don't worry, I helped with the spelling. She's super bright, but not a prodigy.

A homemade curry - butter chicken - and catching up on Season Two of Downton Abbey. That's my kind of night in.

Ever seen this kind of rainbow before? I hadn't, and stepped out of a shop to see a bunch of people all standing around, phone cameras held at a distance, snapping away. I looked up to see what the big deal was, and, well, when in Rome...

I know nothing about cars at all, let alone old classic cars. However, I am able to appreciate the sturdy lines and glossy curves of these beauties. Each July, Glendale holds an annual Cruise Night and we've started going along to have a peek at people's pride and joys. Some of the cars are incredible - it's a shame that the American auto industry isn't what it used to be.

I found myself in Studio City last week, and only a few blocks away from this iconic home. Naturally, I had to go for a walk and have a little ogle at the Brady home. The owners must love this, but hey, what's that expression? Caveat emptor, right?

Golden evenings, where we can all play a little bit longer before it gets cold and dark - it's one of the reasons I love summer.

Another reason I love summer is for the park play dates, where no one else is in a hurry to rush off to various afternoon sporting or dance classes. It's nice to be a little less dictated by the clock.

Passionfruit. Oh yeah, baby. I just had my first taste in several years, and introduced it to some friends. I didn't really want to share, but...

... I wasn't about to eat this whole pavlova myself. Besides, it's great for the old ego when you can wow a crowd with something you've made - something that you're pretty sure they've never tried before. And yes, it was a hit.

The pavlova was for the adults, while the kids got Betty Crocker chocolate cake. There were no complaints, though. The Faery was in her element in the starring role as birthday girl at her pool party.

There were casualties at said pool party, but all in all, it was a success. I think the Faery is already counting down until her next birthday. Not me, though - I'm having a hard enough time accepting that she's six already.
PS. She got her grown up necklace wish - but not a Tiffany one. As if she'd know the difference.

Finally, I'm declaring this officially the Summer of Frozen Yoghurt. I woudn't be surprised to learn it was flowing through the Faery's veins right now - it seems we end up going for frozen yoghurt at least once or twice a week these days. The days of me hitting up cafes for good coffee (yeah, not so much in LA) have been replaced by missions for this sweet cold stuff instead.

Bring on August and Australia.

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