Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breathing space

I'm aware that lately, my posts here have been little more than regurgitations of my Instagram feed. Apologies for that - packing, moving, and unpacking again are to blame. My head seems to be taken up with mental Tetris (where to put everything when we actually have less storage space in this different - yet bigger - apartment), leaving not much room in my brain for anything else. Oh, and school holidays on top of that. But hey, this is my blog, so... whatever.

On the bright side, it literally is a brighter apartment - loads more natural light than the last one. No lamps required in the middle of the day. No more gloom. I have a feeling this is going to spur me on to start playing around more with my real camera again, even if it's just shots of the girls mucking around for now until we get back into the swing of fun weekend outings. Things feel roomier in general here, and quieter, so all is good.

Hopefully, this is the start of less Instagram rip-off posts, and the beginning of more words and quality photos. In the mean time, consider the following shots the highlights of my Instagramming this past week... because trust me, I have a hell of a lot more pics on there. I'm trying my best not to vomit them all onto my blog.

 Who can resist snapping the moon when framed like this?

 First morning in the new apartment.

 First purchase for the new home: flowers.

 In my adult life, I've lived in about a dozen homes.
It goes without saying that they all had a shower. 
Most had a bath tub too.
Those bath tubs and showers were always combined.
This bath tub is solo, and heavenly. 
No shower curtains to get in the way. A high ceiling. 
A window for a breeze. 
We're going to get well acquainted, that tub and I.

 On our balcony, we can see west. 
Wine o'clock is going to mean palm trees 
silhouetted against orange skies. Nice.

 No campfires here for July Fourth, but a barbecue did
the job nicely for s'mores. Maybe people do this often, 
but it felt like a little Aussie touch to the day.

 I've never seen this kid devour something so quickly.

Kind of how I feel, now that we've finished the move.
But then I remind myself that unlike the last couple of moves
we've done, I'm not 35 weeks pregnant; nor do I have 
a ten-week old baby. She's now a tantrum-prone toddler...


  1. Very cool. Loving the new digs. And the bath. And your girlish figure!

    You might notice I am responding favourably to this post of Instagram photos because I am on the precipice of iPhone ownership. Eeeeeeee!

    1. Eeeee! SWEAR to me that you'll be on Instagram. Pinky swear it, 'kay?

      (because you really do need one more obsessive platform to hang out on... you really do)

  2. Mais bien sûr! Like you needed to ask...