Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ending April

By the time I get around to some blog time at night, my brain is a little tipsy mush. So this time, I'll let you invent your own stories for these photos from the past week.

I think you'll agree, I'm less likely to embarrass myself that way...


  1. Gertie and The Muse.

    Seriously - SLAYS ME.

    But also, loving your panoramas, too. Was that with the DSLR or the iphone? How did you do it? Looks ace.

    And also, I want a burger and fries.....

    1. All iPhone. The panoramas were flukes from mucking around - they are basically 4 cropped shots from 2 larger photos. I was just cropping and saving for later, when I was scrolling down my camera roll and saw them side by side, and thought they kind of looked cool like that. When I'd cropped them, I didn't even realise they'd line up together, because they're only a fraction of the original shots.

      And yes, In-N-Out. Best burger chain ever, and I gotta get it while I can (there ain't any in Seattle). *sad face*

    2. Have you tried taking any panorama shots on your iPhone? I rarely do. I suck at it - they are without fail ALWAYS wonky...

    3. Never. I have no iPhone skills. I think my hands are too small - it's awkward to hold and press that damn button on the screen at the same time. Or am I the only one?

    4. Here's a confession. I cannot operate the iPhone camera one-handed... and as you know, I have large hands and long fingers. You know the mirror selfies you see all the groovy bloggers doing? With one hand? Nope. Too shaky, too blurry for me to attempt. I'd say that 99% of my (non-deleted) shots have come about with me holding the phone steady with one hand, and pressing the shutter button with the other.

      So nope, you're not the only one ;)