Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello, hills

Our little family was reunited briefly last week. J arrived back in town last Wednesday - visa stuff finally sorted - and we were more than happy to have him around. It was short and sweet, though. He left for Seattle on Saturday, but not before we'd squeezed in an afternoon at Griffith Observatory the day before. It's one of our go-to spots in Los Angeles when we have visitors, but it's been a while since we last went. J hung out with the girls at the observatory, and I went for a mini-hike on one of the nearby trails, before meeting them back under the planets. Everybody wins. It was sunny, the birds were singing, and I got to be alone in my thoughts, properly, for the first time in weeks.

Just as well, because the last couple of days have been... interesting. Two of my biggest fears (albeit first world problems) came real, but I'll save the details for another day.


  1. Oh don't leave me hanging ...

    But I love these photos. =)

    1. Sorry! I've made it sound more dramatic than it was. It's nothing exciting, and will just be me having a whinge, but I'll write about it as soon as I get a chance :)