Saturday, December 4, 2010

Autumn or Fall?

I may not know my sycamores from my maples, but it doesn't stop me from getting snap-happy.

Given that it will forever be autumn in my mind, I was a little dismayed when the Faery came home from preschool one day last month and chatted away to me about acorns and fall... yet another American word had taken over her vocabulary! However, as we see December in, I've begun to relax about it. Going for walks, and seeing the beautifully coloured leaves beginning to cover the ground around me, I can see why Americans ditched the word autumn in favour of fall. It makes sense. I'm currently in the warmer climate of California, where the weather is mild and not that different from what I'm used to in Sydney, but I would love to experience a proper autumn in one of the colder states. The kind of autumn where fiercely coloured trees line streets, and create such high piles of leaves that small children are lost in them.

Whatever word you have for it, it's certainly a pretty time of year.


  1. Fall in New England - apparently that is the ultimate shiz.

  2. Yes - I'd love to see hills and hills in those autumnal New England colours!