Monday, December 20, 2010

California dreamin' on such a winter's day...

...oh wait, I am in California. The leaves are brown, the sky is grey, and here I am - in L.A.

It's now Day 4 of being couped up out of the rain, and cabin fever is rapidly approaching. The car broke down last week and is currently at the mechanic's... wonderful timing, especially in the week before Christmas. It's out of my hands, though, so I'm not here to complain.

Peering out my back door... 

Anyhow, there is nothing like wet weather to make me want to curl up with a good read - if the Faery and Miss Pie allow me. I have a couple of bases covered. Firstly, a nice new copy of Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood, which has been calling me for a while. Then, should my brain decide to lower gears and read something less cerebral, I have the latest People magazine - my secret vice and best enjoyed with copious amounts of something sweet.

Being new to this blogging caper, I'm also in the mood to read some great blogs that are out there... but I need recommendations. So, if anyone out there is reading this, and knows of a great blog or two, I'm all ears. And eyes.

But first, I need to put on a kids DVD - on play repeat...


  1. I heart play repeat.

    And I think People is a sister mag to Who which I read in between all my literature. Ahem.

    Re. good blogs, you're already across Pretty All True, I believe.

    See also for great photography and a cute, vintage-loving family of five.

    Keep writing!

  2. Aha! Yes, I was quite the Who mag reader back in Australia. Once done and dusted, they tended to end up in the bathroom (for J... men!), and rechristened the Poo mag. Too much info?

    Anyhow, we've continued that fine tradition here, and the People mag is also only referred to as the Poo mag: "Mad, is there a Poo mag in the bathroom?"! Hehe.

    Thanks for the suggestions - will check out the ones I don't know very soon!

  3. Love the Poo mag! Best place to read it, surely?