Friday, December 17, 2010

Bagged and chilled

If this had been written five years ago, it would have been about my handbag addiction. Sadly, small children and limited funding put that vice to rest. Instead, it's the simple things - like a group of brown paper grocery bags plonked onto my kitchen bench - that (sometimes) satisfy me. How sad. It's the hippy child in me that likes to rear her frizzy-maned head at times, though. I could go all environmental here and rant about the evils of plastic bags, but I'll spare you. Plus, I'm just as guilty as the next person of violating the planet at times, so it would be hypocritical of me. But yes, I like paper bags... even if they just end up being receptacles for my recycling.

What's inside?

However, I like paper bags even more when they're holding delectables like these:

Meet some of the loves of my life...

I've had a longstanding love affair with Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I first fell in love with these tubs of heaven when J and I were living in the UK. Movie nights at home rarely didn't involve a whole tub of this goodness split between the two of us. We were younger then, and our metabolisms were faster... well, a little faster. Then we returned to Australia and I had to go cold turkey. No more Ben & Jerry's because it wasn't available. Six years without. I missed it so much, and then last year I heard a rumour that they were opening their first store in Sydney. Being pregnant at the time, I was super excited. I kept checking their website. There were some delays along the way, and I was hormonal enough to call their head office to pester them for details. Then came November, and the store finally opened. I waddled in, barely able to contain myself (or my belly), but just about fell over when I saw each pint-sized tub was selling for AU$11... say what? Heaven just got more expensive. Fortunately, now that we're living in LA, I can easily consume entire pints from around $3 or $4. Oh, happy days...


  1. You did NOT call head office! Ha!

    You make me laugh.

    And you make me hungry.

  2. Oh yes, I did call them. The store was originally set to open in August, and by October there still hadn't been any grand announcements of openings. What's a heavily pregnant chick with BIG cravings for Ben & Jerry's supposed to do? You bet I called them :)

  3. You don't have our favorites there! Jeremiah and I buy chunky monkey and cherry garcia and then have a couple scoops of each. Mmmm. It's like the perfect combination.

  4. Yep, combining is the way to go. Today, I bought a tub each of S'mores (yum!) and Cheesecake Brownie, which I haven't tried yet but sounds promising. I have a feeling they'll go well together! I can't pick a favourite but New York Super Fudge Chunk and Phish Food make regular appearances here. Chubby Hubby has recently won my heart, too. Actually, there are others I could mention...

    The funny thing is, I'm not even an ice cream gal normally. Not interested. I'm only a whore for Ben & Jerry's.

  5. They've got this at our local shopping centre. You've made me want it now.

  6. Try it. You know it'll be more than good...