Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonky Reflections

It's the time of year where everybody talks about the year they've had. A good year, an eventful year, an awful year. One to remember always, or a year we'd rather forget. The sort of year that's best forgotten? Well, J and I have had a few of those in recent years. Thankfully, 2010 wasn't one of those. I don't want to bore readers, so the only recaps I'll make is: giving birth to my second gorgeous little girl, and moving to L.A. only months later. Epic!

For some reason, rather than dwelling on the year we've had, I've been thinking back much further. A good decade or so. The other night, I found myself going through my photo albums from 1999-2003. This was the first period of time that J & I lived overseas - in the UK - but I hadn't looked at the photos in quite a while.

Leiden, the Netherlands - 2002

The most obvious thing that struck me was how much younger I looked, but... duh! Ten years will do that. The difference between being twenty-something, and thirty-something is noticeable. Kids will age a person, too.

What else was different? Well, I used to bother wearing a bit of make-up. I used to make an effort. These days, concealer under my eyes - and some mascara with a slick of lipgloss - are about as complex as it gets.

From those photos, I can see that my hair also used to get a bit of attention. Not a lot (I've always been a fairly low-maintenance girl) but the photos indicate a variety of haircuts in that period of time, and some thought appears to have gone into the styling of it before leaving the house. These days, it's all about pony tails... and that's it. My hair is a pretty sad affair.

The differences between now and then aren't just physical.

I used to spend entire afternoons and evenings at pubs.

I used to go clubbing.

I used to go to underground dance parties.

I used to be able to just walk out the door without a thought as to what time I'd be returning.

I used to be able to disappear and lose myself, for a week or two at a time, in various European destinations.

I used to choose to function on only three hours sleep. For me, that's probably the craziest difference, right there. The fact that there were times when I crawled into bed at 4 or 5am, even on days where I might have to get up and go to work. And on the flipside, I used to rarely emerge from bed before 10am on the weekends.

Ah, youth... you were such fun! And so was I.

It's been a nostalgic Christmas for me as I remember those years. As 2011 is just around the corner and people talk of New Year's resolutions, I just listen. I don't do resolutions. I don't see the point in waiting until January to change something I'm not happy with.

I know my NYE won't involve any pubs, clubs, underground dance parties, wine, or cigarettes (amongst other things), but it will probably involve a decent amount of sleep. Broken - yes, I'm sure - but it won't be a late night for me, so I don't care.

Anyhow, expect the odd flash-back travel story here from time to time... and have a great New Year!


  1. I tried to recapture the magic last night. Hmmm. Nothing a good sleep won't fix. That and 27 litres of Coke.

  2. I came nowhere close to capturing any magic last night. Not even close!

  3. I LOVE THIS POST. And I'm feeling it too....did we really ever stay up all night? I'm pushing 6.30pm in the winter, with maybe a restless hour of moongazing to carry me through to the am.....Gay says "well I've had a stroke" - what's my excuse? None, and I couldn't care less! So what if I crochet for fun? or make scones? or play old lady card games for thrills? or don't brush my hair for a few days?? I'm told wearing pjs bushwalking is going too far, but I disagree! we're still magic, just a little wrinkly.....i like this mad i'm reading about, and i bet i could out-sleep you anyday
    love tanya

  4. Old lady card games are the best, but you know what? I haven't even played those since pre-kids.

    I wouldn't dream of an out-sleeping competition with you - you can hibernate with the best of 'em. Yet, you somehow still manage to be full of sunshine at the crack of dawn - far more than I could ever be. xxx