Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas fun

How was your Christmas?

Ours was lovely. Relaxing, which is just what the doctor ordered. J has some time off work, which is much deserved. This standard 10-days vacation per year ethos in US workplaces is in dire need of an overhaul. Seriously.

We started the festivities on Christmas Eve with a trip to our local shopping centre, which is a little like something that Disney would build if it were in charge of shopping malls - especially at Christmas time. There is a 100 ft tall tree, and twinkling lights galore.

This was followed by a drive around the neighbourhood to witness the extreme lengths some people will go to in order to outdo their neighbours' Christmas displays - fantastic displays, but I'm glad I don't live across the road.

By some miracle, the girls weren't up at the crack of dawn the next morning (this may be to do with the general sickness that's lingering here), so presents were opened at a respectable time... well, the Faery was up early, but to her credit, she waited because we insisted there was to be no opening until Miss Pie woke up too.

Play... coffee... breakfast... Bing Crosby... sunshine... jigsaw puzzles... then a spot of Roald Dahl, read from the newly-acquired fabulous books from various relatives for the girls.

Followed by more play, feasting, and relentless grips on newly-received soft toys. Just us, hanging out. No rushing, no obligations. I hope we have more Christmases like this one.

As for me? 'Santa' very generously - and unexpectedly - bestowed me with a lovely white iPhone. Something I hadn't dared to ever hope of possessing myself, as I am somewhat technologically challenged. My previous mobile phone was pretty basic and I can say that only a day later, I am surprised at how in love I am with my new gadget. Shiny.

Now, the internet can follow me everywhere. Be very afraid...


  1. Lovely MJ and it sounds like you had a good day - great shots. We used to go looking at the lights when we lived in another suburb but haven't done that for the last few years.

    Enjoy your shiny new white precious. I've already bought an outfit for mine. ;)

  2. I would KILL for a white iPhone. Or even, you know, a brown one. Yes, I would take a brown iPhone.

    Sounds like our Christmas until 'the weather' happened. And minus the present-opening psychos that we affectionately refer to as 'our sons.'

  3. A brown iPhone. Yes. Well, you know the saying: brown is the new black.

    I love my phone. I seriously had no real desire for any kind of smartphone, but now that I have one, I love it. Strange how these things happen, huh?