Monday, December 12, 2011

Owl love

Although we got our tree last week, we only had a few things to put on it (bought post-Christmas last year). We are starting from scratch - not that we have a whole bunch of ornaments sitting in storage in Australia. Nothing of sentimental value, anyway.

Yesterday I made it my mission to buy a few more things for the tree. Mostly generic - but pretty and colourful - garlands and beads. No point hanging up delicate glass baubles with a toddler like Miss Pie around.

I don't know whether the current trend for cute owls in decor is a North American thing, or happening elsewhere... but it's rubbed off on me and I have a bit of a thing for owls. I couldn't resist this one when I saw it. Maybe this little critter will be the first in a line of more sentimental tree decorations to come.

We had fun re-doing the tree, and Miss Pie wanted a photo taken too - while laying on me, naturally. She does a pretty mean owl a hootin' impersonation. Maybe one of these days, I'll actually see a real live owl in LA...


  1. Little love! Just the very button of cuteness is she.

    And owls? Yes, I share the love. I think the world shares the love. It's uber-now. You should hit up Pinterest for DIY owlness!

  2. Done! One of the very first boards I made on Pinterest was owl-obsessed.

  3. Of course it was! And I knew that because I've seen it. DUH!