Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The childproof packaging on American medication does my head in. 
Every time.

I'm too used to Australian blister packs, where it's easy 
to push the tablets through a layer of foil. Done.

American blister packs are a little more difficult to open.
To the untrained eye, they look the same.

The fact that scissors are mentioned in the instructions
should be warning of the frustration level involved.

You see, in addition to the foil, there is a layer of thick paper.
Impossible to just 'pop' the tablets through.

In theory, the paper is supposed to peel away first,
leaving just the foil. Easy.

In my time here, though, I've yet to have this happen.
Scissors are always required, and the pack ends up a mangled mess.

So annoying if I need to pop some of these when I'm out and about.
It's not like I carry scissors on me.

I needed to pop some of these today, and had the brilliant idea
of documenting just how ridiculous it is. 

I should have known - Murphy's Law.

The pack opened for me in a way it's never done before. 

I was gobsmacked.
I threw away the empty packaging, put the camera back, 
and grabbed some water to swallow the tablets with...

...only there were no tablets on the table.

I searched everywhere.

They were in the bin, on top of the coffee grounds.
Nice one, MJ.

You can probably guess that in my sneezing foggy haze,
with genuine surprise thrown into the mix, 
I'd accidentally thrown out the proverbial baby with the bath water.

I won't combine medication and blogging again...


  1. I'll get to the pills in a minute because by God, I don't believe the degree of difficulty involved in popping that dang blister pack. Just thought you'd like to know that under your "You might also like" heading for this post, a picture of each of your girls is featured. The resemblance is astounding when you see them like this!

    Anyway, I have to wonder at a society so litigious, it makes childproof packs basically adult proof as well. It is getting just as bad here. I nearly needed a sledgehammer to open a jar the other day and I thought "What the?" Has the fear of product tampering made it necessary to introduce this degree of aggro into every little domestic activity over the course of a day?" I mean, this is the kind of stuff that Michael Douglas's character went off about in "Falling Down".

    I empathise with your congestion problem. Dang, I hope you could get something into you. Even if you had to poke a hole in the corner to try to suck it out.

  2. It's just crazy, isn't it? How about just keeping things, you know, out of reach or locked away? It's not hard.

    I feel pretty crap today. Don't even know if it's allergy-related, or the lurgy that everyone else has and I've been fighting off for weeks now. Either way, I need a nostril-sized Dyson. That would help.

  3. I hear you. In fact I think they do it on purpose so that we get so mad we need more pills to settle down. Don't even get me started on those twist caps...
    Glad to see you scard the foil into obedience!