Monday, December 19, 2011

Pinned and jarred

If you've found your way here, thinking this is some kind of crafty DIY blog, then you're fresh out of luck. That's not me.

The chair that I rescued in October, with every intention of transforming, is still sitting out on our back patio. Don't worry - it's getting sat on to enjoy the odd cuppa (or, ahem, glass of wine) in the sun, so not all is lost. In my defence, I just haven't found a fabric that I like enough to recover it with.

Anyhow, with Christmas coming, I needed to be able to give the Faery's teachers something cute - on a budget - and not completely impractical. I hit up Pinterest for ideas, and settled on the idea of dry cookie ingredients in a jar, made pretty.

I'm happy with the results, so decided to share here... otherwise the only people to witness my rare burst of craftiness would J, the Faery, and her two teachers.

I'm hoping the label implies 'Christmas Cookie' in Korean - just to personalise it a little, as her teachers speak fluent Korean, even her regular Kindergarten teacher. I couldn't write the pluralised form of cookie because I have no idea how - I'm still at the Korean alphabet, and consonant/vowel blend stage. As it turns out, a lot of English words have been incorporated into Korean vocabulary - Christmas and cookie being two such examples. The label literally says 'Keu-ree-seu-mah-seu Koo-kee'. Well... like I said, I hope. Otherwise this could be awkward.

Not bad, huh? Kudos to Pinterest, or these teachers would probably be getting Starbucks gift cards (which is apparently quite the norm here). Now if I could just think of a way to use the other ten quart-sized Mason jars from the dozen that I had to buy...


  1. Best idea ever! Love Pinterest.

    And as to what one might do with left over mason jars. Hello? The answer, once again, is Pinterest.

    New motto: the answer is always Pinterest.

  2. Oh yes, lots of cute stuff to do with jars on Pinterest - but they seem to be for smaller jars. Although, serving drinks in quart-sized ones (just under a litre) could work...

  3. That is uber crafty ... I'm very impressed. I think I have to get in to Pinterest.

  4. You are a clever chook MJ. These look fantastic, and well done for ACTUALLY making something you have seen on Pinterest. I will join you and the follow through soon....I promise!

  5. P.S Have you any idea why EVERY time I comment on your posts, Blogger tells me I am not logged on under the right account (and shows the only Google account I have), then suggests I log out and re-login under a different account....which I just relog in under my Google account which allows the comment to post? Does any of this make sense? Does anyone in Blogger world know what the heck is going on here?

  6. Hi Jen! Sorry, I'm not sure why Blogger is doing this. I have the settings pretty relaxed so that just about anyone can comment - ie no codes to copy etc. I haven't had any trouble commenting on other Blogger accounts - may be there's a bug somewhere? Another friend has been having trouble too, I think, when commenting here. I just logged out and had a look at commenting, and it still came up okay for me - weird!

    Anyhow, thank you for taking the trouble - I appreciate it. x

  7. Sorry - wasn't meaning to gripe about YOUR blog....just a general Blogger gripe. I might try and re-subscribe to your blog and maybe that will fix it!

  8. Haha!!!! Just after typing that I hit enter and it worked preoperly without making me log out and back in....Murphy's you and the pills xxx

  9. Ha! Yes, good old Murphy's Law.

    (I completely understand - that kind of stuff really annoys me too. Sort out, bug-fixers!)