Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Babble, Instagram, and me

A fun thing has happened this week. Mommy Shorts - who also writes in the Toddler section over at the US Babble site - has published an article about ladies who she believes to be 10 of the Best Moms on Instagram.

Ten ladies that were chosen because "they post on a daily basis, take pictures of their kids (but NOT ONLY pictures of their kids!) and most importantly, are really good photographers. They are all selective about the shots they share, and I look forward to each one popping up in my stream."

Of those ten ladies? I was included. If you saw the company I'm with, you'd understand just how immensely flattered I am. This kind of recognition is lovely. I like that my photos are appreciated because I take photos of more than just my kids.

Go and check out the article here, if you haven't seen it already. If you love huge doses of sarcasm (as I do) and am not familiar with Mommy Shorts, then I suggest you visit her here... and if you're on Instagram? Come and say hi to me (@madinla). Don't be shy.


  1. Love it Mad - very pleased for you! You do take excellent photographs and have such an eye for it.

  2. Congratulations!! I like your Insta photos a lot too.

  3. Super-duper awesomeness! Love it and am not a bit surprised because you got da skillz, lay-deeee.

    I need an iPhone. Stamps foot. Stamps it again.