Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After unintentionally taking one too many photos lately where the Faery's irises are lit up beautifully in the sunlight, I attempted to try and take a photo of my own. It's harder than it sounds, and I'm not sure what I was thinking.

An excuse in vanity, perhaps? Not really - the only makeup I had on was the remnants of mascara worn two days earlier. As you can see, I wasn't exaggerating about the minimal state of my eye lashes.

Also, the dark circles underneath weren't pretty. Thank god for close cropping, huh?

It was interesting comparing my eyes to the Faery's. She is my clone in many ways, but not her eye colour. Isn't genetics a funny thing? Neither of the girls inherited my green gene. If I can get Miss Pie to sit still enough, I'll try to get a similar shot and then post the comparisons. Why not?

(Yes, I am still procrastinating with packing up for our move...)


  1. You all have beautiful eyes. It is interesting how the characteristics emerge in the next generation ... a bit here, a bit there ...

    We've got double blue eyes on both sides here so it was not really a surprise that both kids have blue eyes. Mine can look more grey though on occasion I think. Depends what I'm wearing.

    1. I think the blue-eyed genes are pretty strong here too. In my family, all three siblings got blue eyes, like my dad. I'm the odd one out, with my mum's eyes. Interestingly, though, I've recently noticed from pics on FB that my cousins on my mum's side (haven't seen in person in years) have green eyes.

      In J's family, everyone has blue eyes - so, no surprise about our girls, either ;)

  2. You have gorgeous green eyes, Mad. Luuurve them.

    Mine were blue for most of my childhood, started heading towards grey and are now a crazy green which I love. So who knows? Maybe one of the girls eyes will change...although Freya's eyes are bluer than blue, aren't they?

    Luca has blue eyes but Zig's look like they're going green. Not sure whether the little lady's will stay blue.

    1. Thank you! F's eyes are definitely blue, but can look rather grey if she's wearing black or dark shades of blue etc. P's eyes have beautiful multi-hued flecks of green and blue through them but I think they're much like J's sister - she has the same stunning mix of colours. Blue with green and turquoise hints. I son't think they'll change to green; apparently mine were clearly green from an earlier age.

      I was looking at your recent photos of Zig, and thought his eyes were definitely looking green. Go, Angie DNA! Will be interesting to see what colour little lady's will end up.