Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The calm before the storm (of moving)

1. This damn cat of mine loves nothing more than to steal my spot, even if I just lean forward for five seconds. See that look on her face? Yeah, she knows exactly what she's done.

2. A lunchtime visit to J's workplace. Miss Pie loves this "water mountain".

3. Have I mentioned that the campus where J works is somewhat fancy? They even have koi.

4. Boxes, breeding. Looking forward to the move being over and done with this weekend; emptying, and getting rid of these suckers. I hate clutter.

5. Super kawaii Pie.

6. With temperatures averaging the mid-late 20s (celsius) now, where else is better to procrastinate than by the pool?

7. I couldn't help feeling judgemental when I saw this appliance in a department store today. I mean, really, if you need a specific appliance to make s'mores, you shouldn't be allowed near hot things in the first place - it ain't rocket science, folks. Mmm... s'mores...

8. ...and mmm... Pinkberry... this is quickly becoming a regular treat for us this summer.

1 comment:

  1. I love these pics - just Summer all over. Once the move is done, you can totally relax and just enjoy it.

    Seriously, wtf is with that appliance? It should do way more than just make s'mores if it wants to take up space on someone's kitchen bench. Just doesn't seem right.

    *sigh* Wet Sunday here and we are deep into Winter hibernation mode. In fact, I just had a nanna nap.