Monday, June 11, 2012

A lazy post

1. I am obsessed with this spread. I cannot stop thinking of new ways to consume it; things to lick it off. That sounds rude, but I'm not being smutty - just ruled by my taste buds. Cookie Butter is the shiz.

2. Two little sisters. One chubby hand resting on her older sister's knee, steadying herself as we went for a ride on a trolley car. Too cute.

3. A certain little person - out of the blue - has begun posing for photos with her fingers in the V-for-victory angle. Look out, Harajuku girls.

4. Trike action on a hot afternoon.

5. Spring cleaning for our move, and I found my stash of childhood photos, along with some crisp old dollar notes which I saved as they went out of circulation in Australia years ago, before the plastic notes.

6.  After a Friday family night out in a nearby town for pizza and ice cream, the walk back to the car took us past an old school lumber yard, and a view of this lovely rising moon.

7. We rarely have a reason to venture downtown, but attended a family preview screening of Madagascar 3 the other week (worth taking the kids to, by the way - even Miss Pie lasted the entire duration). I'm essentially a city girl at heart and always enjoy the sight of shiny tall buildings, jostling for the sky.

8. I will never tire of jacarandas - it's like a piece of home. June Gloom is in town most mornings, but thankfully buggers off by midday.

9. The best thing about late spring/early summer, in addition to jacarandas? Super cheap raspberries. I've been getting into some serious raspberry friand baking mode. Coincidentally, they go rather well with banana sundaes and Cookie Butter - all together. Yes.

10. Another addiction. In Australia, a staple treat of mine was fresh, hot cinnamon donuts - something that's yet to catch on in other countries (seriously, what is with that?)... these are a crunchy version of that flavour. Bliss.


  1. Cookie Butter? What the? Clearly, I need that shit in my life.

    The Faery and her peace sign? Oh, I want one of her, too.

    The doll on the bike in a starburst of sunshine? Need.

    Hot cinnamon donuts? There is no other way.

    But, mostly, this post reminds me that I don't have an iPhone and that BREAKS MY BALLS.


    1. You SO need Cookie Butter in your life. Hell, you're breastfeeding and can get away with it!

      I never knew I wanted an iPhone until I actually had one. Now, I can't imagine life without. Sad...