Friday, April 22, 2011

American Tea Party

It's Good Friday today, and that means... J is at work. Unlike in Australia, where most people are gearing up for an extra long weekend (four days' worth), today is just like any other day in the US.

Oh well.

This morning, the Faery had the brilliant idea of holding a tea party. Not the imaginary sort, but with real food and drink. She's had a toy tea set since her second birthday, and was adamant that we should use the teapot. It's one of those Fisher Price ones with a lid that has some kind of motion sensor and plays horrendous electronic music whenever tilted to pour. Of course, it was a gift from her grandparents. They have more of a sense of humour than me when it comes to toys with sounds and flashing lights, and seem to think it quite funny to give such gifts. Naturally, the lid for this teapot has been 'misplaced', on more than one occasion. Ahem.

The Faery also wanted to use her matching teacups, but I explained that as they each have a small hole in one side, they wouldn't hold the drinks very well (thanks, Fisher Price). Luckily, we have some small Oriental tea cups - perfect for little hands - and she was happy with the substitution. She then spent the morning going through her various cooking toys to find the perfect spoon to stir our drinks with. Attention to detail is becoming her thing.

Next, the food. Neither of us drinks or likes tea, so that was out of the question. Cucumber sandwiches? Not going to happen, either. And given how picky the Faery is with food in general, I had a feeling that any scones with cream and jam would just have the jam licked off.

So, we settled for a tea party with American flavours. Old-fashioned lemonade from the tea pot. Peanut butter sandwiches cut into small triangles. A couple of baby cupcakes, filled with raspberry jam inside, and topped with a tiny chocolate Easter egg. Being Good Friday, the final touch was a quartered hot cross bun, each part slathered in butter. The Faery thought each quarter was a whole bun, and very happy with this. I chose not to correct her way of thinking.

Miss Pie is at that age where she in destruction mode, oh, at least 90% of the time. For this reason, we decided to exclude her from the tea party. As soon as she was tucked up for her midday nap, the Faery and I set up our little party.

It was fun - the Faery and I used to be joined at the hip, but rarely get any one-on-one time together anymore, so it was nice to enjoy each other's company. She was mistress of the ceremony, and got a huge kick out of pouring our 'tea' into the cups. She loved stirring the lemonade in our teacups. She chose her spoon well, and it made satisfying chinking sounds against the porcelain.

The food went down very quickly, and we agreed that we should make this a regular thing. Too often, I find myself nagging her not to do this or that, and getting irritated at silly things she does - as all four-year-olds do. It was lovely to just enjoy her company, and be reminded of what a gorgeous little soul she really has. I need to do that more often.

As much as I was tempted, I didn't take photos. I needed to be present in the moment. Besides, there are going to be plenty more tea parties in future. That much I know.


  1. How lovely. I am so glad you got to have that time with her.

  2. That sounds like such a cool way to do something fun with Freya now that she is growing up. Isn't it good to think that we can do grown up things with them now? I was going to ask if you'd managed to snaffle any more hot crossies but clearly, you have.

    They put little holes in children's playthings now, presumably in case some poor little tot falls into them, nose first. Honestly, it's madness.

    I was amazed when I found out the US doesn't "do" Good Friday. There is still a kerfuffle here when anyone bar a fish and chip shop wants to open. They have however progressed to having football matches and for some reason that is all right.

    We've actually got a five day weekend here because of Anzac Day. It's been lucky for me as I only work Monday, Tuesday and Friday so that means I will have had a small unintentional holiday. Pity so much of it has been stolen by gastro.

    I know that tea set of which you speak. I bought it for a friend's daughter and the fricken thing talked all the way home in the bus. When I found out she already had one, I had to return it and yes, it talked all the way BACK on the bus. I was half waiting for it to squawk "What the hell is going on?" when I left it at the returns counter.

  3. Haha! Thankfully, this one doesn't talk. It just plays "I'm a little teapot" on high rotation when the lid's button is pressed, or makes an electronic flourish when tilted. My mum said she'd also had no idea until the 40 min drive home in the car after she'd bought it.

    I thought Victoria didn't do public holidays for Anzac Day? At least, they didn't when we lived there - I remember looking forward to the day off, then feeling so ripped off when it didn't happen (although, it had fallen on a weekend - but I thought there'd be a long weekend, like in NSW).

    Yeah, I'm really surprised that Americans don't do Good Friday - especially given how in-your-face Christianity is over here...

  4. I love that you didn't take photos. So often the camera intrudes, doesn't it? Takes you out of the experience.

    You're a gorgeous mumma, you really are.

    Sigh. I like tea parties....

  5. Eh, I don't know about gorgeous... I don't do enough of this kind of thing with her, and I really should. She deserves better.

    Norshan will totally love tea parties, don't you worry ;)